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Wife wants to divorce “perfect” husband for loving her too much, never fighting & cleaning the house without being asked

Wife wants to divorce “perfect” husband for loving her too much, never fighting & cleaning the house without being asked

Kirat Kaur

We’ve read stories of unhappy marriages burdened by financial troubles, assault and even violence.

But today, we came across news of a wife who wants to divorce
her husband because he loves her too much!


According to Khaleej Times, a UAE woman told the Shariah court there that her husband cooked, cleaned, and loved her to the brink of divorce.

“He never yelled at me or turned me down.”

“I was choked by extreme love and affection. He even helped me clean the house.”

Smothered Wife via Khaleej Times.

She complained that there was not even a single fight in their year-long marriage and her husband’s kindness was “hell.”

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No joke, she really really really wants a fight in the seemingly blissful union.

“I long for one day of dispute, but this seems impossible with my romantic husband who always forgave me and showered me with gifts.”

“I need a real discussion, even an argument, not this hassle-free life of obedience.”

Smothered Wife via Khaleej Times.

In fact, the devoted husband really took “Happy Wife, Happy Life” marriage advice to heart.

He was so committed to making his wife happy that he embarked on a strict diet and exercise regime when she complained about his weight.

The result of his pursuit of (wife’s) happiness? A fractured leg and still no arguments.

So how’s the husband taking this case?

He’s understandably baffled, telling the court that he didn’t
do anything wrong.

All he wanted to do was to be a “perfect and kind husband.”

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He also wants the court to advise his suffocated wife to
withdraw the case, saying that it’s “not fair to judge a marriage from the first
year” and that “everybody learns from their mistakes.”

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As a result, the court adjourned the case with hopes that
this will result in the couple getting back together and sorting out their

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue browsing the internet and cry-laugh at all the Forever Alone memes.

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