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Penang apartment explosion blasts two walls off, injuring 62 yo man

Penang apartment explosion blasts two walls off, injuring 62 yo man

Yesterday (August 18), the neighbourhood of the Desa Green apartment in Penang was shocked by an explosion around 8am.

(Pic Credit: The Star)

The explosion caused a 62-year-old man to suffer injuries to about 15% of his body.

He was rushed to the Penang Hospital and is in a stable condition.

Luckily, his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, escaped unscathed.

They were sleeping in their bedroom when the blast occurred.

(Pic Credit: FMT)
(Pic Credit: FMT)

Neighbours reported having heard a loud explosion from within the apartment.

The blast not only blew off 2 walls of the victim’s apartment but also caused cracks in their neighbour’s walls and fragments to fall on nearby houses.

(Pic Credit: Harian Metro)

The senior citizen was reportedly lighting up a cigarette, that triggered the blow-up.

Although the cause of the explosion has still not been ascertained, the Timur Laut Police chief ACP Che Zaimani Che Awang suspects the blast could be caused by gas leaking from the hose of a gas cylinder.

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