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17 JDT players now fighting influenza after defeating PJ City FC last weekend

17 JDT players now fighting influenza after defeating PJ City FC last weekend

After winning the President Cup match against PJ City Football Club (FC) last Sunday, Johor Darul Ta’zim’s FC (JDT) technical director Alistair Edwards had to release a press statement on their social media accounts.

He announced that 17 players had contracted an influenza virus,
11 of them from the senior team.

Other teams who were infected are 4 players from the JDT11 team and 3 from the JDT111 team.

Edwards says measures are being taken to contain the virus.

Medical assistance has been summoned to screen all players, coaches, and personnel.

The Seri Gelam Field Training Centre is also being thoroughly sanitized. Pictures of medical staff wearing protective gear was posted on JDT’s social media accounts.

Disinfectant was used to wipe the area down.

At the time of writing, there has been no disclosure on the type of influenza contracted by the team.


Influenza is a type of virus that is commonly known as the flu.

The most common types of flu are influenza A or B, which are extremely contagious respiratory illnesses.

It normally spreads when you come into contact with something that someone else (who is infected) sneezes or coughs up.

Antibiotics do not help in influenza cases. Instead, it is normally treated symptomatically (like taking fever medicine or cough medicine depending on the symptoms presented).

Flu shots (vaccines) can help prevent contracting the common flu strains.

Generally, the flu will go away in about 7 to 10 days of rest and symptomatic medication.

We hope the squads fully recover by the next match.


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