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Peeping tom in George Town hotel shower suspended and handed over to police

Peeping tom in George Town hotel shower suspended and handed over to police

Another peeping tom has been taken off the streets thanks to a determined woman who pushed for court action.

The 30-year-old woman, who wishes to be known as Chan, claims that someone filmed her with a mobile device. At the time, she was at a 5-star hotel in George Town using the hotel’s gym shower.


Chan alleged that she saw a hand holding a cellphone in front of the curtain of her shower cubicle. She could not see the person.

Distressed, she informed the front desk of the hotel about the incident. She asked to see a CCTV recording as she suspected it was one of the gym staff, but claims the gym management refused to show her the CCTV footage.


Sadly, Chan said that the hotel management did not seem to care about her report, which prompted her to lodge a police report later that night.

Two days after that, the management finally showed her the CCTV recording which clearly showed a male staff enter the women’s bathroom twice that night.

Still, a spokesperson for the hotel claims that the management has taken immediate action to find and suspend the alleged suspect from his work and duties effective immediately, pending full investigations to the allegation.


They also said that the management has given full support in this matter and are keeping in constant contact with the victim everyday.

Chan says that she is making the case public to highlight how easily sexual harassment complaints are dismissed and ignored. It took almost two weeks, police reports, and an official complaint to Penang Gerakan for the suspect in this case to face punishment.

Chan and her husband had to lodge a report with Penang Gerakan before action was taken.
Picture credit: Malay Mail

“We do not want compensation. We want the hotel to take responsibility and ensure the safety of its gym members, but it seems they do not seem to care. We are talking about sexual harassment. My videos could have been spread online right now,” she said, breaking into tears.

Sexual harassment cases in Malaysia are aplenty, but even more cases go unnoticed as the victims are reluctant to fight for their rights publicly.


Public cases almost always comes with public scrutiny and criticism, which causes additional undue psychological stress on the victims. As such, many victims choose the silent road and their predators are able to walk free.

Hopefully, Chan’s case can inspire all victims of harassment to fight to see justice and protect others from potential future harassment.

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