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Malaysia Ranked Top 50 Strongest Military Power In The World

Malaysia Ranked Top 50 Strongest Military Power In The World

Global Firepower ranked Malaysia’s military might 42nd out of 145 world powers.

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Have you ever wondered how strong our Malaysian military is?

Global Firepower (GFP), an annual statistics-based website tracking defence-related information of 145 world powers, has released its finalized 2024 Military Strength Ranking.

The ranking uses over 60 individual factors to determine a nation’s PowerIndex (‘PwrIndx’) score with categories ranging from quantity of military units and financial standing to logistics capabilities and geography.

GFP said its in-house formula allows smaller, more technologically advanced nations to compete with larger, lesser-developed powers and special modifiers, in the form of bonuses and penalties.

The year-over-year trend comparisons are indicated by coloured arrows: Green means Up, Grey means Stable, and Red means Down.

GFP added that trends do not necessarily indicate declining power as changes to the GFP formula can also account for this.

Credit: Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia via Facebook

So, how did Malaysia do?

Malaysia is ranked 42nd out of 145 countries with the PowerIndex score of 0.5992, effectively putting us in the Top 50 list.

GFP said the perfect PowerIndex score is 0.0000 which is realistically unattainable but serves as a benchmark. Tldr: The smaller the PowerIndex value, the more powerful a nation’s conventional fighting capability is.

Under trends, Malaysia has a grey arrow indicating Stable.

The other data in the report include the defence budget, external debt, square land area, shared borders, usable waterways, and army assets.

The Royal Malaysian Navy’s assets and personnel are seen during the Maritime Segment at the opening of the Lima 2023 in Resort World Langkawi on 23 May 2023. Image: Malay Mail

The most powerful military in the world is in the United States while the least powerful is Bhutan.

The top 10 countries with the most powerful militaries include:

  1. The United States (0.0699)
  2. Russia (0.0702)
  3. China (0.0706)
  4. India (0.1023)
  5. South Korea (0.1416)
  6. United Kingdom (0.1443)
  7. Japan (0.1601)
  8. Turkiye (0.1697)
  9. Pakistan (0.1711)
  10. Italy (0.1863)

Meanwhile, the bottom 10 least powerful militaries are:

  • Bhutan (6.3704)
  • Moldova (4.2311)
  • Suriname (3.9038)
  • Somalia (3.9006)
  • Benin (3.8912)
  • Liberia (3.7262)
  • Belize (3.6437)
  • Sierra Leone (3.5433)
  • Central African Republic (3.5316)
  • Iceland (3.5038)

How did our Southeast Asian neighbours do?

Malaysia’s Southeast Asian neighbours are not shabby either with Indonesia taking the lead.

  • Indonesia – 13th (0.2251)
  • Vietnam – 22nd (0.3158)
  • Thailand – 25th (0.3389)
  • Singapore – 30th (0.4087)
  • Philippines – 34th (0.4691)
  • Myanmar – 35th (0.5251)
  • Cambodia – 111th (2.1725)
  • Laos – 112nd (2.2071)

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