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PTPTN’s “Missing Persons” Post Called Out For Shaming Loan Defaulters

PTPTN’s “Missing Persons” Post Called Out For Shaming Loan Defaulters

Some people argued that many loan borrowers are fresh graduates starting with low pay and are trying their best to pay up.

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The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has helped many students pursue higher education by offering loans.

However, some of these students “disappear” after graduation and fail to repay their loans for years.

Yesterday (1 March 2024), PTPTN posted a “missing persons notice” on its Facebook page to plead borrowers to repay their loans.

Screenshot of PTPTN’s Facebook post.

PTPTN invited the public to tag their friends to coax them to repay their loans. Netizens can also tag themselves if they didn’t pay their loans too.

The discount for paying back is nearly ending. Let’s help admin find our friends.

PTPTN wrote on Facebook

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Netizens said it’s shaming borrowers who are trying their best to pay

Netizens who saw the post took the opportunity to thank PTPTN for helping them throughout their studies, but also gently requested the organisation not to shame borrowers this way.

A netizen who’s still paying his loans monthly via auto debit implored PTPTN to have some empathy for fresh graduates who start with low salaries and are just starting their lives.

Another netizen said he has tried his best to repay his loans, but was always met with reschedules and is then faced with a large amount to pay.

He asked PTPTN if there was an easier way to reschedule payments. He was advised to contact PTPTN to restructure his payment plan.

However, a small number of netizens called for a stricter approach by blacklisting the names of people who failed to repay their PTPTN loans.

They suggested these borrowers be included in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) records.

This could prevent borrowers from applying for credit cards, buying cars, or buying homes if they fail to repay their PTPTN loans.

PTPTN replied to confirm that the names of borrowers are included in the CCRIS record.

While PTPTN’s post was done in bad taste, here’s hoping PTPTN borrowers get to repay their loans in time as quickly as they can without issues.

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