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Fearing Tigers, Residents Of Kampung Tendrik Now On Self-Imposed Curfew

Fearing Tigers, Residents Of Kampung Tendrik Now On Self-Imposed Curfew

This problem, according to one of the residents, began in June.

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The residents of Kampung Tendrik in Pos Bihai, Kelantan are still living in fear due to tiger threats.

Although the National Wildlife and Parks Protection Department (Perhilitan) managed to capture one tiger in Kampung Hak in September, residents of the Temiar orang asli village are still forced to stay indoors from 6pm onwards as there are still several tigers roaming about.

This problem for the residents began early in the year when one of the residents found tiger foot prints near the village houses, as reported by The Star.

According to Apek Asud, 39, a resident of the village, earlier this year there were sightings of the tigers roaming the village.

“The tigers have been spotted roaming around for the past three months, and footprints have been detected around Kampung Tendrik, Kampung Sau, Kampung Hak, Kampung Badak, and Kampung Bihai Lama since June,” he said.

Since then, there have been a few incidents where the dogs in the village were attacked by the predator.

Apek said that since they were afraid of being attacked by tigers, the locals would not dare leave their houses after 6pm, as reported by Berita Harian.

“For me, there has to be a long-term solution because it affects the lives and safety of the orang asli people in this area.

“To the point where we will live in fear. At night, we hear dogs barking; the next morning there will be a dead dog,” he said.

According to the chairman of the Orang Asli Village
Development and Safety Committee (JPKKOA), Ajeh Bahorom of Kampung Pos Tohoi, tigers may still be at large in the area.

He added that on 20 November, the locals spotted one for the first time, and they think he got into the neighbourhood through the dormitory of Sekolah Kebangsaan Tohoi.

Tiger Attacks In Kelantan

Recently, there was a fatal attack at a rubber plantation in Kelantan where a Myanmar national passed away due to injuries.

According to Perhilitan, this was caused by the decrease in prey population in the area, which caused the tigers to enter local settlements for food sources.

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This problem, as stated by Apek, needs to be resolved soon to make sure the residents around the affected area can go back to living a comfortable and safe life.

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