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A Hole In The Middle Of A Tactile Walkway Sees Blind Man Falling Into Drain

A Hole In The Middle Of A Tactile Walkway Sees Blind Man Falling Into Drain

Blind man sends voice note to wife telling her he had fallen into a hole.

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A man found himself inside a drain recently when one portion of a tactile walkway went missing.

Luckily, he had his handphone with him and sent a voice note to his wife.

In a video on Tiktok, @mrranggapnnadia said she was shocked when she heard the voice message of her husband, who is visually-impaired, telling her he had fallen into a hole.

@mrranggapnnadia Terkejut saya mendengar voicenote dari suami bagitahu dia jatuh dalam lubang 😭😭 Allah sahaja yang tahu perasaan saya masa tu😭😭 Syukur husband kata dia x ada apa2. Dia dah ke klinik dan Dr kata tiada keretakan (buat xray). Syukur alhamdulillah. Terima kasih Allah. Moga Allah terus menjaga dan lindungi suami. Saya dengan rendah hati, mohon kepada semua, sekiranya ternampak halangan atau lubang yang berbahaya di laluan tactile (laluan orang buta), mohon bantu untuk laporkan kepada pihak yang berkaitan ya. Mari sediakan laluan tactile yang selamat untuk OKU penglihatan. P/s: kawasan area dataran merdeka ke masjid negara #mrranggapnnadia #raiseawarenessfortheblind #okupenglihatan #blind #tiktokguru ♬ Instrumen Sholawat Sedih – Yuda pratama

“Thank God my husband said he was okay. He went to the clinic and the doctor said there were no fractures,” she said.

Nadia shared a visual of the tactile walkway which had a cover missing with a drain underneath.

This was said to be within the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka heading towards the National Mosque.

She also asked the public to help report to the authorities should they come across tactile passages being blocked or those with holes.

Nadia ended her message by asking for safe tactile walkways for the visually-impaired.

Her video has garnered close to 50k views since it was put up yesterday.

Someone in the comment section pointed out to Nadia that they can file for compensation with the local council.

This is not the first time Nadia’s sharing on the blind navigating the city has gained attention on social media.

Previously, she shared about how her husband had to move a motorcycle that was blocking the tactile path.

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At the time, Nadia had gone to the MRT station to pick up her husband when she saw him moving a motorcycle parked on the tactile paving.

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