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[Watch] Blind Man Had To Move Motorcycle That Blocked His Way On Tactile Paving

[Watch] Blind Man Had To Move Motorcycle That Blocked His Way On Tactile Paving

Nadia was picking up her husband, who’s visually impaired, from the MRT when she saw him moving the motorcycle that blocked his path aside.

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The disabled (OKU) community in Malaysia faces daily challenges while trying to go about their life because most facilities here are not disabled-friendly.

Additionally, many able-bodied people still don’t know or are ignorant about the plight of the OKU community.

People like TikTok user MrRanggaPnNadia work hard to help educate the public about the plight of OKU people and how people can be more mindful of their actions.

In one of the videos, Nadia went to the MRT station to pick up her visually impaired husband when she saw him moving a motorcycle parked on the tactile paving.

Once he moved the motorcycle out of the way, he continued using his cane and walked towards the car.

Due to this incident, the husband and wife duo reminded people not to block the tactile paving meant to help people with visual impairment to navigate and “see” while walking.

@mrranggapnnadia Kita akan terus kongsi berkaitan kesedaran tentang laluan tactile / hak OKU ya. I sentiasa sokong U 🥺🥹❤️ Proud of U sayang! Ayuh semua 💪🏻💪🏻 sediakan laluan tactile yang selamat untuk OKU penglihatan 💪🏻💪🏻 #mrranggapnnadia #raiseawarenessfortheblind #janganhalanglaluantactile #fyp #relationshipgoals #inspiredawesomelife ♬ suara asli – segalasumber

Netizens thanked the couple for educating the masses. A netizen also praised Nadia’s husband for helping to move the motorcycle out of the way to make it easier for other visually impaired persons.

However, the comments also showed that some people didn’t realize that tactile paving helps the blind.

Some people admitted that they thought the tiles were decorative and weren’t aware of their function.

After watching this video, they know they could help the OKU community by removing objects that block the tactile paving.

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