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MCKK PTA Claims Students Harassed In Town After Victim’s Family Goes Public With Bully Case

MCKK PTA Claims Students Harassed In Town After Victim’s Family Goes Public With Bully Case

The Parent-Teacher Association of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar claimed the bullying case had been resolved, but families of the victims are dissatisfied with the outcome.

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Previously, an all-boys boarding school in Perak was accused of siding with the bullies instead of the victim. The matter was shared online by the victim’s sister when the bullies were allegedly let go with light punishment.

The victim ended up in a hospital with injuries after he was rugby-tackled and physically assaulted by a group of Form 5 seniors.

Despite the initial agreement between the parents and the school, the bullies were only punished with three strokes of caning and mandatory community service.

The bullies, allegedly from prominent families, were not expelled and retained their ranks such as prefects and house captains.

The victim’s family wondered why the “you touch, you go” expulsion policy was not observed in this case.

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One of the victims was sent to the hospital. Image: TRP File

PTA criticises victim’s family for going public

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) criticised the victim’s sister and family for publicising the matter publicly as it ruined the image of the school.

The PTA claimed that the case had been resolved after investigation and the school had taken action against the bullies.

They also said the school’s decision should be accepted without any external interference, accusing the group of families of Form 4 students of trying to.

The PTA further claimed that students had been scolded and chased out of food premises around the school and labelled as bullies.

Due to this, the PTA suggested to bar MCKK students from travelling into Kuala Kangsar town on their own until the matter is fully resolved for their safety.

The students are also reminded not to take matters into their own hands against attacks or provocation, in line with the school motto “fiat sapienta virtus” (let it be a wise virtue).

If the students are harassed in any way, the school will help students file a police report and provide counselling services.

We deeply regret the family member’s actions to publicise this case. This is inconsiderate and selfish. We hope this will serve as a lesson so that parents will not interfere and respect the decisions made by the school.

MCKK Parent-Teacher Association

Netizens found the PTA’s statement on the case tone-deaf as the PTA did not condemn the actions of the bullied, but instead laid blame on the families of the victims.

They found that the PTA was more concerned with the school’s image than the safety and well-being of the students.

Netizens also wondered why the PTA revealed the names of the victim’s family members instead of the bullies and their families.

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