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Presma Sees Red Over “Nasi Kandar Babi”, Will Meet Pumbaa

Presma Sees Red Over “Nasi Kandar Babi”, Will Meet Pumbaa

Presma worries that Muslim diners accidentally dined at the eatery because the stall sells “nasi kandar.”

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Instagram food critic Aishwarrya (@eat.with.aishwarrya) recently posted a video about Malaysia’s first pork nasi kandar.

The restaurant, Pumbaa’s at Damansara Jaya, serves Indian-style nasi kandar and nasi lemak with pork.

Based on the video, the side dishes include pork varuval, mutton varuval, fried chicken, chicken rendang, sambal sotong, luncheon meat, vegetables, and more.

Reactions to the video were mostly positive among netizens who were excited to try the dishes.

However, some netizens worry that people might take the video the wrong way and cause unnecessary drama.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, netizens said it shouldn’t be an issue if Muslims don’t dine there and the eatery is not under the Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma).

Presma did take offence

It didn’t take long for the video to catch the attention of Presma. Presma found offence with the video as it highlighted a non-halal version of nasi kandar.

Describing the video as “insulting, insensitive, and misleading,” Presma claimed it would mislead unaware Muslims into dining at the non-halal restaurant due to the name “nasi kandar.”

Presma president Datuk Jawahar Ali Taib Khan claimed it’s a well-known fact that all nasi kandar establishments are halal compliant, and mostly run by Mamak Muslims to ensure all food are prepared according to halal requirements.

He added that if this matter is not dealt with, other Mamak food such as murtabak and mee goreng mamak would be modified to include non-halal ingredients.

Any content creator needs to be more sensitive and consider the food issues that has been associated with Muslims all along.

Presma president Datuk Jawahar Ali Taib Khan

He has also received a call from the secretary-general of the National Unity ministry to arrange a meeting with the owner of Pumbaa’s to resolve the matter.

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