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[Watch] Child Tumbles Out Of Moving Honda In Kelantan

[Watch] Child Tumbles Out Of Moving Honda In Kelantan

The unfortunate incident is believed to have happened yesterday based on the dashcam timestamp.

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LATEST UPDATE: Cops are looking for the driver involved in the incident involving a child who fell out of a moving vehicle on Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra in Kota Bharu.

However, Kelantan Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department chief, Superintendent Suhaimi Jusoh said no one has lodged a police report.

Eyewitnesses are urged to come forward.

“Police became aware of the incident after it was shared on Facebook by an individual with the handle ‘PatSegi’ at about 11pm last night,” Suhaimi was quoted as saying by NST.

When travelling in a car with small children, it is important to have a car seat installed.

Why is this important?

Recently, a dashcam video shared by Facebook page Info Malaysia demonstrated the importance of having a child seat.

While everyone was having a normal day driving on the road, suddenly, a child, possibly below 5 years old, literally fell out of the back seat of a grey Honda City that was taking a U-turn.

The unfortunate incident is believed to have happened yesterday (17 October) at 5.42 pm based on the dashcam timestamp.

Automotive blog Paultan said it happened in Kelantan.

As no one expected a child to come tumbling out of a moving vehicle, some of the cars making a u-turn did not notice the child on the road.

It looked like a red Perodua Ativa did not manage to brake in time and hit the child. The child fell on the road, however fortunately it seems like he or she was not seriously harmed.

A motorcyclist who was waiting at the traffic light, moved straight towards the child while blocking the traffic to make sure the child did not get hit again.

Fortunately, another motorcyclist, who saw the incident stopped his bike and carried the child on his bike, and went on to stop by the side of the road.

While all of this was happening, the driver of the grey Honda City only stopped the car after driving a few metres and came out after the child was brought to safety.

This is the reason why child car seats and enabling child lock on car doors are crucial.

Child Car Seat

According to an article by Jarrons & Co, when compared to seat belts or no restraints, the risk of injury, hospitalisation, or death is reduced by more than 70% with proper car seat use.

In some countries, hospitals will not even allow a child to be taken home if the vehicle doesn’t have a car seat for them.

The child cannot be shielded from a vehicle accident’s severe injuries by a mother’s lap or by her arm. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a car seat in your vehicle if you have a child under the age of five.

Car seats come in a variety of designs. For instance, when you have a baby, it is advisable to use a rear-facing car seat.

When the child reaches the age of five, they can utilise the forward-facing car seat. Until the child is tall enough to wear the ordinary seat belt in a car, booster car seats can be used.

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