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PN Announces Its “Selangor Baharu Kita Bangkit” Manifesto

PN Announces Its “Selangor Baharu Kita Bangkit” Manifesto

PN’s manifesto is based on seven pillars, 25 priorities, and 112 pledges.

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Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin unveiled the coalition’s “Selangor Baharu Kita Bangkit” (Let’s rise, New Selangor) manifesto last night for the state election campaign on 12 August.

PN’s manifesto is based on seven pillars, 25 priorities, and 112 pledges.

Here’s a summary of the manifesto:

Pillar 1: Ignite harmonious relationships within the community

PN pledged to defend the Federal Constitution and State Constitution, including upholding Islam as the federal religion and the Sultan of Selangor as the head of Islam in the state.

They also pledged to protect each individual’s right to practice their faith without discriminating against other groups.

RM10 million will be provided to NGOs to implement programmes to foster harmonious relationships among multi-racial communities.

RM50 million will be used to establish state government agencies to improve the socioeconomic status of minority groups, especially the Indian and Orang Asli communities.

Pillar 2: Improving people’s economic status

PN pledged to deal with the rising living costs and ensure food supply remains reasonably priced.

Some allocations include giving RM312 million each year for Bantuan Prihatin Keluarga Selangor that’s expected to help 65,000 families with RM400 cash-aid monthly.

Pillar 3: Upholding principles of clean politics and governance

PN aims to establish the Selangor Economic Recovery Action Council to revive the state’s economic status and solve people’s living costs issues.

This includes offering two months’ special allowances to civil servants in Selangor each year.

Pillar 4: Stable economy

One of the many offers under this pillar is to provide 100,000 job opportunities in high-skilled fields.

RM50 million will be allocated to empower Invest Selangor to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth.

To upskill youths, the NextGen Selangor initiative worth RM10 million will provide free coding, robotics, and cloud computing programmes for students in Selangor.

PN also wants to turn Selangor into a central tourism hub with RM200 million to promote tourism.

An additional RM20 million is offered to increase and expand the export market of high-value-added products and services, including introducing the Buy Selangor Products initiative in the international market.

PN also pledged to accelerate high-value future industries such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, aerospace, and the digital economy.

Pillar 5: Women as the core of society and state economy

RM50 million will be allocated to establish childcare centres in government agencies and private companies.

RM150 per month will be given to assist 50,000 children from lower-income categories family.

RM500 per month for three months will be given with counselling services to help women who have lost their spouse or are separated.  

There’ll also be intervention activities to attract more women to work in the main agencies in the state government.

Pillar 6: ‘Insan Gemilang’ model

This pillar focuses on education in the state. PN will offer the school bus initiative offering up to RM100 per month that’s expected to help around 20,000 students in Selangor.

An annual special learning fund of RM2 million is established for students with special education needs.

RM5,000 per year to all Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) funds in all government schools in Selangor, including SJKC and SJKT, with a total allocation of RM5 million.

The ‘Selangor Prihatin Anak Sekolah’ initiative will be introduced with RM100 school bus fare per month to 20,000 children through cooperation with bus operators.

Pillar 7: Sustainable environment and infrastructure

PN will attempt to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. The coalition offers 20 cubic metres of free water for a household with incomes below RM15,000.

RM10 million will be given to nature NGOS for preservation programmes and another RM10 million is set aside for a Sustainable Nature initiative to encourage water conservation practices.

The full manifesto can be accessed here.

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