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Matty Healy Has Been Problematic For Some Time, Here’s A Starter List Of His Controversies

Matty Healy Has Been Problematic For Some Time, Here’s A Starter List Of His Controversies

The 1975 frontman, Matty Healy, has been known for his racist and sexist stances long before setting foot in Malaysia.

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The frontman of 1975, Matty Healy, is known for his erratic and problematic behaviour long before he stepped foot at the Good Vibes Festival 2023 in Sepang, Malaysia.

If you’ve kept up with his shenanigans, it’s not surprising information that Healy is allegedly known to be sexist and racist. He has not made any effort to cover it up and his industry peers somehow look the other way.

Here are some of his known problematic behaviours throughout the years:

Making racist comments in public

Healy’s episode on The Adam Friedland Show in February was so offensive and racist that it was pulled by Apple and Spotify. During the podcast, Healy and the host mocked singer Ice Spice and Asian/Pacific Islander (API) accents.

After watching a clip of Ice Spice talking about her singing career and influences, they discussed her ethnicity, mimicked her accent, and made derogatory comments about her body. He called Ice Spice a “chubby Chinese lady” and “one of the Inuit Spice Girls.”

Healy also urged the host to mimic Japanese accents. He eventually apologised to Ice Spice but denied any wrongdoing. He only apologized because he didn’t want her to think he was mean.

In a separate resurfaced portion of the podcast, Healy allegedly gets off watching pornography from a hardcore site known for posting videos of white men sexually degrading and humiliating women of colour.

He gave a Nazi salute at a concert

During a concert performance, Healy reportedly gave a Nazi salute on stage while marching on the spot during a performance of The 1975’s song ‘Love It If We Made It” as he sang the lyrics “Thank you, Kanye, very cool.”

Kanye West was embroiled in controversy after making anti-Semitic remarks at the time.

Some of Healy’s fans defended him, citing that it was satire. Meanwhile, other people think it was “irresponsible and super lame” of Healy to do something like that on stage in front of a crowd.

In that same month, Healy posted a screenshot of the Wikipedia page ‘List of Jews” on his Instagram Story without any context provided.

However, some people found it unsettling because Nazis were known to keep a record of Jews during the Holocaust.

Healy has been accused of blatant Islamophobia

Healy is an atheist and has expressed his disdain for organized religion. While there’s nothing wrong with being an atheist and respecting the beliefs of others, Healy used his atheism to spread misinformation about Islam.

In 2014, he tweeted to claim that ISIS and Islam are the same thing. He dismissed users who tried to explain why his statements were inaccurate and dangerous.

Healy’s Twitter account has since been deleted but a user took screenshots of the conversation and uploaded it on Tumblr.

The user tried explaining to Healy that ISIS went against Islam and encouraged him to learn about the religion instead of spreading misinformation.

Healy ignored the user but asked what the punishment is for apostasy in Islam and mocked the user for running a Harry Styles fan page.

He also responded by sharing a photo stating, “People have rights. Ideas don’t have rights,” before announcing he was deleting Twitter.

In 2017, he was accused of retweeting posts from an Islamic hate group before deleting them due to backlash. He has also posted Islamophobic jokes on his Instagram Story before.

Dating underage girls

Healy’s past relationships received scrutiny due to the fact that the girls were way younger than him. His relationships weren’t illegal but it raised concern about his ethics.

When Healy was 27 years old, he reportedly dated Gabriella Brooks who was just turning 19 then. They were allegedly together from 2015 to 2019.

In 2013, when Healy was around 24 years old, he dated Gemma Janes, who was 17 at the time.

When he was in his 20s, he dated Halsey when she was 18.

Recently, he reportedly dated Taylor Swift despite saying in a 2016 interview that dating her would “emasculate” him. Swift said she was happier than she’s been in a long time.

However, they broke up a few weeks later due to “incompatibility.” Many think Swift was trying to rehabilitate her image since Healy was involved in multiple controversies.

Some sources claimed it was never serious between the couple anyway and they were just having fun.

Kissing underage fans at concerts

Random kissing, with or without consent, is a grey area for different people, and it’s not an unheard practice for celebrities.

Healy has French kissed a fan and sucked fans’ fingers at his concerts. However, a line is drawn when it involved underage girls, and it didn’t bode well when Healy said he felt “sexualised” by the band’s fans.

According to a TikTok user, Healy allegedly kissed her 15-year-old friend during a concert at Lollapalooza. Other people backed the claims and said he has kissed dozens of underage girls.

Last year, concertgoers noticed that Healy started checking IDs at his concerts before kissing fans.

They took this to imply that a few underage kissing incidents may have taken place. When put together with his dating history, his “incidents” with underaged girls garnered more scrutiny.

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Supporting a problematic podcast

Healy had been spotted wearing a cap, implying his support for the Red Scare podcast, known for its anti-feminist stance. The podcast has bullied and belittled women who are victims of abuse.

The podcast hosts launched a disgusting attack on FKA Twigs, a singer who is Healy’s ex, for accusing her ex, Shia LaBeouf, of abuse.

Mocking his own fans

Healy has allegedly mocked his own fans and has been called out for it. During one of the meet-and-greet sessions, he allegedly mocked an Irish fan’s name.

The young woman was named Dervla to which Healy said it sounded like “something you move gravel with.”

While Dervla brushed it off as a humorous meeting with Healy, other people found the comment rude when addressing a fan.

If that’s not enough, Healy said the Irish are simple people while performing in Dublin.

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