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“I Won’t Lower Myself To His Level” – Abdul Kadir Responds To Aliff Syukri’s Shocking Debt Claims

“I Won’t Lower Myself To His Level” – Abdul Kadir Responds To Aliff Syukri’s Shocking Debt Claims

Former Umno MP Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir is leaving this issue to his lawyers.

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Following the recent claim made by entrepreneur Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman that a certain high-profile Tan Sri owed him millions, former minister Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir responded earlier today.

As reported by Malaysiakini, Abdul Kadir chose not to engage with the claim made by the prominent businessman.

While Aliff Syukri did not name the Tan Sri, he did upload a pixelated photo of the person he said owed him money. It can be said it was a poor pixelation job as netizens speculated the photo was that of Abdul Kadir.

“I don’t want to go down to their level. My lawyer is handling the situation currently,” said Abdul Kadir when he was reached by Malaysiakini.

Aliff Syukri recently made a public statement on his Instagram saying that a particular former minister owes him tens of millions and hasn’t paid him back since. He tried calling, messaging him and badgering him for the debt but nothing was working.

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Aliff’s mother, Rozita Ibrahim, also commented on his post and revealed that Tan Sri owes her son 4 years ago and he has been patient since.

When asked whether he has efforts to clear his name, the former Kedah MP only gave a brief answer.

“I have no intention of commenting on such individuals. I will not mention any names,” he reportedly said.

He has just “seen” my WhatsApp messages

In another recent Instagram post, Aliff revealed another picture of his chats with the said Tan Sri and stated that all of his messages were just seen, not replied to.

He described himself as just an anchovy compared to an individual with the rank of Tan Sri who has more connections with people in high positions.

I believe Tan Sri is a famous and wealthy individual with numerous assets in Malaysia. Giving a few million ringgit is no issue for a Tan Sri because it is my right. Isn’t it strange that a Tan Sri would want to deny the rights of a small businessman?

Aliff Syukri

“Just imagine me working diligently day and night, live streaming and even facing tons of ridicule and criticism just to earn money. You can just easily take my rights?

“Don’t make me lose my temper and reveal all the recordings,” he added.

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