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Dr Mahathir Makes Bold Claim That “Malays Will Lose Their Country”

Dr Mahathir Makes Bold Claim That “Malays Will Lose Their Country”

In another series of tweets, the former two time Prime Minister explained his point of views on the matter.

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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has ruffled the feathers of social media users once again.

In a series of tweets, the former two time Prime Minister attempted to explain his views on multiracialism and the concept of a multiracial country.

According to him, it has never happened where immigrants and their descendants demand a change in the country’s identity to become a “negara kaum pendatang”.

He claimed that this was behind the concept of “Malaysian Malaysia” where a Malay-majority country should transform into a multiracial nation, replacing Tanah Melayu (Malay Land) with “Malaysian Malaysia”.

This new set of tweets comes after the backlash from both netizens as well as fellow politicians over Dr Mahathir’s claim that promoting Malaysia as multiracial was unconstitutional.

Yesterday, responding to Umno Bukit Gelugor information chief Mohd Huzaidi Mohd Hussin’s calls for him to stop playing up racial sentiments, Dr Mahathir pointed out that he was indeed just voicing out on what is stipulated in the constitution.

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He claimed that DAP with the support of PKR and Amanah, is reintroducing the same goal of transforming Malaysia into a multiracial nation, suggesting that Malaysia is not originally a Malay land but a nation of diverse ethnicities.

In a multiracial country, there should be no distinction between Malays as the indigenous people and immigrants and their descendants. All ethnicities should have equal status.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

He also added that prior to independence, the administration, police, and military were predominantly led and staffed by Malays.

However, in a multiracial country, the government, police, and military leadership composition should represent various ethnicities.

Simultaneously, Dr Mahathir noted that the economic sector (business and enterprise) would remain an area where Malays do not have a significant presence.

Furthermore, he added that the treatment of immigrants and their descendants who wish to maintain their original identity would differ from the treatment of the indigenous population and those fully embracing the national language and culture.

The Malaysian constitution acknowledges Islam as the official religion, while other religions can be practiced by their respective followers. There are calls to remove Malaysia’s status as an Islamic country and transform it into a secular state without an official religion.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

He then continued to claim that these changes would occur as Malay land is sold to other ethnic groups. 

Eventually, he added, the Malaysian government will become less influenced by Malays, resulting in a bleak situation for Malays in areas where they no longer have control. 

Further explaining himself, he claimed that scholarships for higher education have also become scarce for Malays, and the Malay language, despite being recognized as the official language, is no longer widely used. 

Some Malay children no longer understand the Malay language.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Dr Mahathir also said that many Malays tend to perceive a multiracial country as equal representation among all ethnicities in the field of politics only, however, he noted that they fail to consider other changes.

Adding on, he said those who refuse to see these points will eventually become victims of extinction.

Quoting Hang Tuah who said Malays will never disappear from the world, Dr Mahathir however claimed that Malays have lost many territories, and current trends suggest that Malays may not endure as a single ethnic group.

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