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Bersatu Youth Chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Sparks Controversy AGAIN!

Bersatu Youth Chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Sparks Controversy AGAIN!

Known by netizens as Mat Jargon for his extensive use of jargons in Parliamentary sessions, Wan Fayhsal is no stranger to being the trending name for controversial takes.

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In recent weeks, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal, the leader of Bersatu Youth, has once again captured widespread attention on social media.

Referred to as Mat Jargon by internet users due to his frequent use of complex language in parliamentary sessions, Wan Fayhsal is no stranger to stirring controversy.

One of his recent contentious statements suggests that the government should emulate Russia by implementing a law to limit the dissemination of LGBT propaganda.

Taking A Pick At The LGBTQ+ Community

The Perikatan Nasional backbencher earlier noted that with the law, the government will not have to be afraid of taking strict action to ensure that “family traditions and religion” are protected.

Last November, the Russian Parliament approved legislation that prohibits the dissemination of “LGBT propaganda” among adults, which is in line with the conservative agenda of the Kremlin.

This law criminalizes any action deemed as an effort to endorse “non-traditional sexual relations” through various media channels, including social media, films, advertisements, and within the wider public sphere.

In line with the mission to protect children, I urge the government to follow the footsteps of the Russian Parliament which recently introduced an Act to restrict propaganda which promotes and normalises unnatural sex, paedophilia and LGBT.

Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal

These comments then drew flak from netizens on several online platforms, with many saying he should focus on other things that matter more.

Twitter user @uglyluhan expressed criticism towards Wan Fayhsal, implying that he has subscribed to unfounded American conspiracy theories that wrongly connect the LGBTQ+ community to pedophilia.

Their tweet questioned the inconsistency in focusing on protecting children from pedophiles while neglecting efforts to unequivocally ban child marriage.

Meanwhile Twitter user @TheVenusDarling also called out the hypocrisy of not addressing issues like child marriage and protecting women from abusive husbands while blaming the LGBTQ+ community for societal problems.

Openly Admitting To ‘Sugaring Machang Voters’?

Besides his other controversial statements, Wan Fayhsal was also called out on openly admitting that he had recalled what he studied of the Quran and Hadith to gain the attention of the voters in Machang.

In a podcast with former Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, Wan Fayhsal or Waf spoke about the time he was told he would be standing as a PAS candidate in Machang. He said he knew then he would have to be “more PAS than a PAS member”.

This comment, too, drew flak from netizens.

When asked by Khairy whether or not he felt awkward about doing what he did, Wan Fayhsal said he did not, to which Khairy joked that if he had done it, it would be seen as the “end of times”.

Many netizens referred to Wan Fayhsal as an actor while others said this did not surprise them as that was what politicians were good for.

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