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[Watch] Mom Thinks Bruises On Son’s Hand Supernatural, Camerons Hotel Says No Complaints Lodged

[Watch] Mom Thinks Bruises On Son’s Hand Supernatural, Camerons Hotel Says No Complaints Lodged

Woman says maid heard footsteps at around 3am.

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Paranormal activities have always been an exciting topic for many. However, when it happens to them, it becomes a terrifying incident.

A family who stayed at a hotel in Cameron Highlands recently claimed they experienced a close encounter of the supernatural kind.

The mother, Aifa Azlan shared a video on TikTok in which she showed bruises on her son’s hand.

Audio warning: Take note before playing the TikTok video below, it starts with a very loud laughter.

@aifaazlan Seriau weyyy. #aifaazlan #umaryusuf #hotelberhantu ♬ original sound – Happy Halloween

She claimed the bruises appeared during their stay at the hotel, adding that the family’s maid had also claimed she heard footsteps.

“The maid told me that she had heard footsteps at about 3am, making her fearful of going back to sleep until morning,” she added.

In the caption, Aifa asked if any other netizens had the same experience at the hotel and surprisingly many commented in the affirmative.

However, as reported by the New Straits Times, the hotel management did not receive any complaints about the incident.

“As such, it can’t be verified whether such an incident actually happened or whether it took place at our hotel. We have received calls from the public asking if the news is true and if the hotel is haunted,” the management stated.

It added that such unverified videos only do harm to their business.

How To Know If A Place Is Haunted

According to an article from Reader’s Digest, there are several ways to know if a place has paranormal activities.

First is the mysterious sights and sounds.

Professional ghost hunter Greg Newkirk stated that most hauntings are simply misinterpreted and not wicked.

“I believe that a lot of the classic signs that people encounter are mysterious noises that seem to come from places they can’t locate, a lot of bumping and scratching on walls, seeing full-bodied apparitions, and things moving from place to place when you haven’t touched them,” he stated in the article.

Second is Ectoplasm. Even the most experienced paranormal researchers are still baffled by ectoplasm.

It has reportedly appeared in the past through a spiritual medium during seances. In actual haunted houses, Newkirk has had firsthand encounters with the phenomenon.

Ectoplasm is a rare sight or experience at your average haunted house, but paranormal investigators view it as a surefire indicator that a paranormal force is at work.

Third is when one feels that he or she is constantly being watched. Although “feeling watched” cannot be measured, residents of real haunted homes frequently describe it.

However it is difficult to say for sure if this sensation has a natural explanation or a paranormal one.

Fourth is when things move on their own. This is where one knows the scenario is getting more serious as things generally do not move on their own.

Newkirk recalls seeing books being thrown in the air by an unknown force. He also states that he has seen a man drop his camera as there was something strangling him.

Fifth is personality change. When someone that you know very well has a sudden personality change after entering a certain place or a house, it could be an indication of paranormal activity.

Sometimes one might also feel disoriented physically and emotionally.

While exploring the infamously haunted Hinsdale House in New York, Newkirk claims to have encountered this type of paranormal activity.

“That’s a place where it’s a very extreme haunting. There’s something about that place when you walk into it, it gets very, very confusing. Some of the things that we started to see in this place and hear in this place—including drumming and strange lights—was very disorienting. I noticed that my mood would change when we were in this building and I would have to keep leaving it regularly,” he said in the article.

Here is another example of a paranormal expert, Sarbajeet Mohanty speaking about paranormal activities and incidents that he has faced while investigating.

However, do take note that none of the things mentioned above is an exact science. Paranormal experiences differ from one person to another and for the most part, there is always a rational explanation behind the allegedly “supernatural” incident.

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