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[Watch] Asiana Airlines Passengers Cling To Seats After Man Opens Emergency Door Mid-Flight

[Watch] Asiana Airlines Passengers Cling To Seats After Man Opens Emergency Door Mid-Flight

A male passenger opened the plane’s emergency door when the flight was minutes away from landing at Daegu, South Korea.

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Passengers on an Asiana Airlines plane had a harrowing flight when one of the passengers opened the emergency exit door while the plane was still in the air.

Two viral videos showed passengers nearest to the open door gripping the seat handles as the strong winds rushed inside the plane.

The Sun reported that a male passenger in his 30s who sat next to an emergency exit door opened a cover and pulled a lever as the plane was two or three minutes away from landing.

Reports indicated that the plane was about 200 metres off the ground when the door was opened.

Fortunately, all 200 passengers had their seatbelts on as the plane was about to land.

Despite the fiasco, the plane landed safely in Daegu, South Korea, around 12.40pm local time.

Some passengers allegedly fainted while twelve passengers were sent to the hospital after suffering discomfort and breathing issues. Asiana said there were no major injuries and damage.

According to The Star, the suspect said he opened the door as he felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave the plane immediately.

He also told Daegu police that he was stressed after losing his job recently.

A transport ministry official on the aviation safety team said this was the first time something like this happened in Korean aviation history.

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