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Kind Hearted Team Of Vets In Sungai Buloh Help Stray Dog With Gaping Hole In Face Get Better

Kind Hearted Team Of Vets In Sungai Buloh Help Stray Dog With Gaping Hole In Face Get Better

The dog which usually comes to their clinic in the evenings for food, one day appeared at their doorstep in a terrible condition.

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Life as a stray is always hard.

Malaysia has many strays, be it dogs or cats, that strive to survive in harsh conditions.

An Instagram reel shared by Zul Erwancat Veterinary Clinic in Sungai Buloh yesterday narrated the story of a stray dog who used to frequent the clinic. The dog had been missing for quite some time but later returned with a gaping hole on one side of its face.

This dog usually comes to us in the evenings for food. But one day, after disappearing for a long time, he appeared at our doorstep in a terrible condition. We had to attempt to calm him down because before this he was not so approachable.

Zul Erwancat Veterinary Clinic

The team, led by Dr Zul Erwan and Dr Rabbani and assisted by the clinic’s staff members were seen feeding and attempting to “make friends” with the dog before they sedated it for surgery to fix the hole in its face.

After surgery, the video shows that the dog’s face had returned to some semblance of normalcy with no more hole in sight.

At the end of the video, the caption read:

Alhamdulillah, everything worked out well. We hope there will soon be measures and steps taken to protect stray dogs in Malaysia.

Zul Erwancat Veterinary Clinic

While the video was touching, it also shares the horrors that most strays have to face including during festive seasons.

While it is unclear how the dog outside Zul Erwancat’s Veterinary Clinic sustained the hole in its face, there’s another similar rescue story of a dog which was believed to have been injured by firecrackers.

A few days ago, Instagram user @shimaaris posted an update on a stray that had been stuck in what seemed like the bank of a river or a drain.

The dog too had a gaping hole on the top of its head that looked infested with maggots.

Shima and her team rescued the dog, naming it Miracle for surviving the hardships that it had gone through.

In a series of Instagram stories, Shima related that it seemed like the dog had been injured due to firecrackers or someone had poured acid on its face.

How are dogs so strong? Witnesses said most probably someone threw acid or fireworks on this poor girl. She hid. Ran away. Could have happened five days ago?

Shima Aris

Updates from Shima show that Miracle is making a recovery, however not all strays are as lucky.

Hence, if you see a stray, the least you can do is be kind to them.

Kindness goes a long way afterall.

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