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Better To Buy Or Rent? Viral Video Sparks Debate

Better To Buy Or Rent? Viral Video Sparks Debate

Netizens debate buying or renting when it comes to property as prices are skyrocketing.

Shivani Supramani
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“Invest in a property or rent until you can buy a house?”

This may seem like a tried and true statement but, with traditional aspects of the economy changing, the current generation may have different views on this classic debate.

Recently, TikTok user @aznahabas shared her opinion on renting a property as well as buying one.

According to her, in today’s economy, it is easier to rent rather than buy a whole unit which comes with costs of its own such as taxes and bills that the owner needs to settle.

She also pointed out that there were pros and cons of renting as well, such as having to leave said property if the owner someday decides to move back into the house.

She reminded her followers and viewers that buying a house is also a long term commitment.

Loans can last close to 30 years and when it comes to your job, are you sure you will remain at the same job forever?

@aznahabas on TikTok

She also added that those who seek to buy houses should also take into consideration the amount they are willing to set aside each month to pay off their loans.

The housing prices now are skyrocketing and if you want to buy a house, you must make sure you can afford it. It’s a lot in terms of commitments. Do not listen to others, you decide for yourself if you can afford to buy a property or rent.

@aznahabas on TikTok

Netizens were quick to discuss this topic on Twitter where the video went viral.

Twitter user @RidhuanSazuki said:

That’s why landlords still exist. Because for some people, they prefer to rent. If you feel like you want to continue studying or migrate abroad or even want to work in a different state, you better rent. If you think it’s expensive, find a cheap house.

@RidhuanSazuki on Twitter

He also added that there is nothing wrong in wanting to buy a property however, one must consider the risks that come with it as well as the maintenance, the extra installments, taxes and what would happen if you one day lose your job and aren’t able to pay.

Another Twitter user @jiennax said she prefers to rent because of the following reasons.

I prefer to rent because it is easier to move houses when it suits me, there is not much debt involved especially when I currently have a RM16,000 PTPTN loan, I have plans to settle down elsewhere, it doesn’t cost much in terms of maintenance, and I live a calmer live debt free.

@jiennax on Twitter

Many others also shared their opinions saying that there’s nothing wrong with either but one should look into the cost and the long term commitments that these two options come with.

What about you, are you pro-buying or pro-rent?

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