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UiTM Johor Student Allegedly Sexually Harassed By Lecturer In 2021

UiTM Johor Student Allegedly Sexually Harassed By Lecturer In 2021

The lecturer called her one night and told her about his sexual fantasies with her.

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A 23-year-old university student Farah @fazzuinnn claimed that a lecturer in Johor Baru sexually harassed her in 2021 but she kept it to herself due to fear.

According to her police report, she first approached the lecturer for help with her assignment.

During that interaction, he messaged her via Whatsapp for help to answer a survey he was conducting. She saw that the questions were sex-related but thought nothing much about it because she trusted the lecturer.

She also didn’t think anything was untoward because sometimes students were asked to answer surveys in universities.

On 2 June 2021, the lecturer called her around 12.30am and kept saying sexual things to her. He told her about his fantasies of having sex with her and asked her to join him to do the deed.

Feeling an increasing distrust against the lecturer, Farah decided to record the conversation as evidence.

She later found out from some senior students that they never received the same sex-related survey as she had. This made her believe that there never was a legit survey and she felt sexually harassed by the lecturer.

She felt increasingly uncomfortable with the situation but decided to lodge a police report after a year to stop the lecturer from doing the same to other students. Farah said she also lodged the report in case anything happened to her.

According to Majoriti, Farah lodged two police reports against the lecturer. The lecturer had the audacity to visit her at home and begged her to retract her report.

Farah recorded that conversation as well and the lecturer could be heard promising in Allah’s name not to do the lewd acts again.

She added that the lecturer is still teaching at the university.

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The lecturer is from another university

According to Buzzkini, Farah said the lecturer was allegedly helping a friend at another university to get enough responses for the survey.

The lecturer used the letterhead of another university on the survey cover as a ruse to get her to answer his fake survey.

She shared that the lecturer in question was just a lecturer who was ‘borrowed’ from a university nearby because the campus Farah attends was short of staff.

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Farah told Buzzkini that the university is still waiting for updates from the police. She was shocked when the lecturer told the university that the matter has been personally resolved with her.

When she contacted the investigating officer (IO) to seek confirmation of the news, the officer confirmed with her that her case hasn’t been dropped at all and asked who told her otherwise.

Farah hopes that the matter will be resolved soon because it has gone on for a year.

I really want the police to speed up the case because I’ve waited so long. So far, only the university contacted me.

Screenshot of the text Farah shared with Buzzkini. Image: Farah

The university has reached out to her

A few netizens believe that the same lecturer started harassing female students in 2011 but no action had been taken.

They urged Farah not to retract her police reports to help protect other students from being victims.

Netizens also want the university to suspend the lecturer while investigations are ongoing.

After her posts went viral, a special officer of UiTM’s vice-chancellor named Yusof reached out to her on Twitter and urged her to call the university’s integrity department.

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