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[Watch] Late Trains And Overcrowding On LRT Platforms Due To Upgrading Works

[Watch] Late Trains And Overcrowding On LRT Platforms Due To Upgrading Works

Commuters aired their grievances online this morning when several LRT platforms were crowded at almost dangerous levels.

Adeline Leong

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It wasn’t too long ago when the public complained about the poor public transport system. The situation today at several LRT stations drove home the point.

Based on pictures shared by netizens, the LRT platforms are overcrowded until they reached the top of the escalator and can be dangerous without proper crowd control.

There were simply no places to stand and wait or let people exit the trains. What was worrying was that people kept going up the escalators although there was clearly no more safe space to occupy on the platform.

The crowd numbers allegedly ballooned due to 5-minute train delays caused by LRT upgrading works.

Based on the new schedule released earlier, the usual 3-minute train intervals have been extended to 5 to 7-minute intervals on weekdays and weekends respectively.

Some LRT lines face 10 to 12-minute intervals.

Netizens who relied on public transport to get to work were frustrated by the poor service and have taken their complaints online.

They said that it was also dangerous to wait on a crowded platform when there are no railings to separate the platform and the track.

A netizen complained that their pay would get docked if they were late for work. Netizens also advised the station staff to stop people from taking the escalator until the crowd on the platform clears.

Other than train delays, a netizen rued that even the air conditioners in the trains weren’t functioning well and questioned why repair works were carried out during peak hours.

Some unhappy netizens have also taken it out on Rapid KL’s Twitter admin. However, a netizen said that at least the admin was responsive and the follow-through on issues by technicians has been prompt.

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