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Staff Faked MySJ Digital Cert, Got Caught After Contracting Covid-19

Staff Faked MySJ Digital Cert, Got Caught After Contracting Covid-19

Two different employers caught their staff submitting fake digital certificates when the staff contracted Covid-19.

Adeline Leong

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A worker at a café who refused to complete his vaccination dose was caught when the café owner realised the Covid-19 vaccination certificate has been doctored.

According to The Star, the fraud was uncovered when the worker contracted Covid-19.

All of our employees were supposed to submit their MySejahtera digital certificate to human resources. At first, we didn’t notice any difference until recently when he was infected with Covid-19.

The cafe owner.

A few of the employees contracted Covid-19 on the same day as the staff. However, the café owner noted something was amiss when the worker’s quarantine day period was 10 days as compared to the rest who only had seven days.

The owner decided to scrutinize the worker’s digital certificate and noticed that the name had been edited.

It was a different shade of blue around the name and that was when the owner realized it was a fake digital certificate.

The worker admitted his mistake when the owner questioned the worker. To make things worse, the owner claimed that the worker failed to follow some of the SOPs such as wearing a mask while working.

I had to close my cafe for five days, I lost about RM10,000 and all my staff had to be tested.

The cafe owner.

The worker apologised and voluntarily resigned.

It happened to another employer too

Previously, a Twitter user Mustakim Ismail (@mustakim_ismail) shared that he caught his staff falsifying their digital certificate too.

The staff similarly edited the area around the name and received a 10-day quarantine period when they contracted Covid-19, instead of 7 days.

When Mustakim checked the digital certificate, he realised the area around the name was edited with a different shade of blue.

Mustakim fired the staff for lying and not being honest at work.

Confirmed employer’s fears

Incidences like these have confirmed many employers’ fears that a few of their workers would falsify their vaccination details to skip work or to continue working without receiving their full vaccination.

A netizen recommended that employers request their staff to send a PDF copy of their digital vaccination certificate with the barcode to prevent fraud.

Employers have brought up this issue of staff falsifying their digital certificates and home quarantine orders before.

Some employers have tried making staff get physical copies of both Home Surveillance Order (HSO) and Release Order (RO) at Covid-19 Assessment Centers (CACs).

Since this caused unnecessary congestion at CACs, Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah urged employers or related parties to accept the digital copy of HSO and RO.

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Netizens also complained that there are times when the digital HSO notice was delayed and it caused issues with their employer who thought they were lying.

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Hopefully, the kinks in the app and the process will be rectified soon so it wouldn’t cause inconvenience for the rakyat.

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