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International Women’s Day: Empowering Women In Malaysia’s Logistics Sector

International Women’s Day: Empowering Women In Malaysia’s Logistics Sector

Denise Wong shares about female leadership and her personal development at Ninja Van Malaysia.

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In conjunction with International Women’s Day today with the theme Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress, Ninja Van Malaysia takes pride in spotlighting its Head of Cross Border, Denise Wong.

A true trailblazer in the country’s courier and logistics industry, Denise exemplifies the commitment of Ninja Van Malaysia in equality, inclusivity, and fostering a supportive work environment.

Balancing Act: Leadership, Motherhood, and a Passion for Change

With over six years at Ninja Van Malaysia and a total of eight years of experience in the logistics and warehousing industry, Wong leads a dynamic team of 20 in the Cross Border unit and oversees a team of 50 in the Fulfilment team at the organisation.

As a working parent, Wong embodies the delicate balance between professional and personal life. To this, she credits the organisation’s ability to remain flexible and support the needs of parents, allowing them to bring their kids to the office when schedules get tight.

Her commitment to family time extends beyond the office, with recreational activities and badminton sessions becoming integral to her work-life harmony.

Being a working mother, I have learned that the most valuable asset is the ability to deal with and adapt to changes. Ninja Van Malaysia not only recognises this but actively supports it, allowing me the flexibility to juggle the demands of my leadership role and my responsibilities at home.

Denise Wong

Empowerment through Mentorship and Continuous Improvement

Wong credits her success to her mentor, Lin Zheng, CEO of Ninja Van Malaysia.

Lin Zheng’s guidance empowers Denise to make decisions autonomously while sharing invaluable industry knowledge.

Wong’s life motto of “continuous improvement” resonates not only in her leadership but also in her passion for making impactful changes within the organisation.

My proudest achievement at Ninja Van Malaysia is having built a team centred around positive thinking and collaboration, which has been further enhanced by the various training and upskilling courses that the organisation provides. This approach not only prioritises individual growth but also drives the logistics industry forward through exceptional work.

Denise Wong

In her view, Ninja Van Malaysia has also always been at the forefront of not only investing in professional growth but also the holistic development of its employees.

Wong reflects on the time she initiated the Xena Project, a female-only wellness and fitness programme at the organisation to foster a culture of self-care and overall well-being for working women.

Wong’s leadership is a shining example of the heights that can be achieved when female talents are recognised and nurtured, irrespective of gender. This ensures that gender does not limit one’s potential for success.

Her journey exemplifies the company’s dedication to breaking gender stereotypes and providing a platform for women to thrive in the traditionally male-dominated logistics industry.

The company’s commitment to gender equality extends beyond words, with policies and initiatives in place to ensure that merit and performance are the primary factors in career advancement.

Forging Success: Meritocracy and Opportunities

Wong firmly believes in providing opportunities for her team based on merit and work performance. She envisions a future where female professionals in the logistics industry are recognised for their skills and dedication.

My hope is to see more women stepping into leadership roles in the logistics sector. By opening up more opportunities for a skilled female workforce, we can truly accelerate progress and drive innovation in the courier and logistics sector. Ninja Van Malaysia is paving the way for this future, and I am proud to be part of an organisation that actively supports the progression of women in the industry.

Denise Wong

This International Women’s Day, Ninja Van Malaysia celebrates not only Wong’s exemplary leadership but also the contributions of all its female employees.

With increasing female participation in the workforce, the company stands at the forefront of equal opportunities, work-life balance, and continuous improvement, embodying this year’s theme of Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.

Wong’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of fostering an inclusive and supportive culture for female professionals within Malaysia’s logistics industry, as Ninja Van Malaysia leads the way towards a future where regardless of gender, every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.

Equal benefits, training and upskilling opportunities should be encouraged across all departments to foster talent and development to ensure women from various backgrounds would not only fit in but excel in their careers in logistics.

Malaysia’s logistics industry is constantly evolving, and this goes with its workforce labour.

Ninja Van Malaysia continues to make these changes to embrace an inclusive approach to hiring and developing talent.

Ninja Van Malaysia implores more women to consider a career in the country’s logistics sector and for the industry to continuously invest in female talents, in view of International Women’s Day.

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