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Breaking Tradition: A Fun New Way To Shake Up Your CNY Celebrations

Breaking Tradition: A Fun New Way To Shake Up Your CNY Celebrations

Spend quality time with your loved ones this CNY with GL Play!

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Malaysians are getting hyped for the celebrations that come with welcoming the Year of the Dragon. CNY customs and traditions are a norm in our country, and it feels like we’re constantly learning new things about them. 

But, as we welcome the new year, we also say bai bai to some of the more unusual CNY traditions that are fading away!

Read on to discover the vanishing acts that once spiced up our Lunar New Year celebrations. Plus, we’ve got the inside scoop on an exciting way to spend quality time with your loved ones this CNY with GL Play by Gamuda Land!

Third-Day Tango with the Scarlet Dog


No, not this scarlet dog…

According to folklore, the God of Anger, a.k.a the Scarlet Dog, gets in a furious rage and roams around on the third day of the Chinese New Year. Crossing paths with him is said to bring bad luck, so a lot of Chinese folks played it safe by just staying home that day – no visits, no guests, nada.

The story goes that he’s the Fire God who did the whole Heaven-and-Earth separation gig and set up the whole Universal Order by winning a showdown with the Water God. So, we’re guessing it probably is a good idea to keep things low-key on the third day!

Bowing Out: Kowtow No More

(Credit: pressfoto via freepik)

The word “kowtow” literally means “knock head”. In the tapestry of ancient Chinese culture, the act of bowing, or kowtowing, was a heartfelt gesture of respect and well-wishing. 

Families once upon a time would perform this ritual during the New Year, showing deep respect for their elders. However, with modernity and the shifting sands of time, this once-familiar tradition is now being brought to its knees. The art of kowtow is gradually making way for more contemporary expressions of familial respect.

Opening-Door Fireworks

(Credit: Vernon Raineil Cenzon via Unsplash)

The clock strikes midnight on the first day of CNY and Chinese households race to be the first to light up the sky with a burst of fireworks. 

Why? The belief is that being the first to set off firecrackers ushers in luck and prosperity for the year ahead. The louder the firecrackers, the luckier you get! However, as safety regulations tighten and environmental concerns grow, this explosive tradition is gradually dimming

Fun fact: Back in the day in traditional Chinese culture, firecrackers weren’t just for show – they had a pretty cool purpose. Legend has it that there was a monster called Nian, who had a habit of munching on villagers and wrecking their homes every CNY eve. Smart villagers found out that making a big bang by burning bamboo scared the monster away. And just like that, a tradition was born – using firecrackers to kick evil spirits to the curb during Chinese New Year!

While these unique traditions may be on the decline, one quintessential value of CNY remains unchanged – spending quality time with loved ones.

(Credit: freepik via freepik)

As families adapt and cultural practices evolve, the spirit of the New Year celebration stays solid. 

Embracing change is crucial, and this CNY, there’s no better way to create lasting memories with GL Play!

Let’s play Lóng Lóng at GL Play this Year of the Dragon!! Lai, let’s celebrate!

(Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP)

Gear up for a roaring good time at GL Play’s Lóng Lóng CNY celebration! From 6 February to 10 March, dive into these vibrant experiences and create memories that’ll stick with you. It’s the perfect way to amp up the festive spirit!

Splash Combo Deal @ SplashMania Waterpark

(Credit: GL Play)

Enjoy the exhilarating Splash Combo for only RM125 for adults and RM95 for children, featuring a thrilling lineup of activities.

The Adventure package includes a SplashMania Admission Ticket (valid on the day of visit only), a Goosebumps Rope Course, Cove Aerobar experience, Archery session, and Paintball Target Shooting. Children also enjoy the Carousel & Bungeefly. These entries will be valid for two months from the SplashMania visit. 

(Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP)

For nature enthusiasts, a Nature Combo is available at the same price, consisting of a SplashMania Admission Ticket (valid on the day of visit only), Safari Insta-Tour Ride, Boat Cruise (Nature Wanderlust), and a Wetlands Arboretum Gallery Tour. Similarly, these entries are also redeemable within two months of the SplashMania visit.

(Credit: GL Play)

Not only that, you can also enjoy Unlimited Pay-Per-Ride Adventures! Choose from three fantastic options: Unlimited 1 Pay-Per-Ride for RM30, Unlimited 2 Pay-Per-Ride for RM50, or Unlimited 3 Pay-Per-Ride for RM60. Rides include Surf Mania, Zoomi’s Runway, and Sky Leap with these packages. Keep in mind that the ticket is valid only on the day of purchase and is a walk-in purchase exclusively at SplashMania. 

PWP 50% discount for Discovery Park, Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, Xploria & Quayside

(Credit: GL Play)

Experience the thrill of GL Play Lóng Lóng across multiple locations including Discovery Park at Gamuda Cove, Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, Xploria at Gamuda Gardens, and Quayside at twentyfive7, Kota Kemuning.

From 1 February to 10 March, seize the PWP (purchase-with-purchase) 50% discount promotion for tickets to the participating locations above by purchasing any SplashMania admission ticket.

FunPark & Big Bucket Splash Deal

(Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP)

Additionally, GL Play Lóng Lóng offers exciting promotions at FunPark and Big Bucket Splash in Gamuda Luge Gardens. Dive into the Big Bucket Splash with adult sessions at RM20 and children sessions at RM40 for a 3-hour splash.

(Credit: GL Play)

Explore combo options like the Big Bucket Splash Combo at RM85 for admission for one adult and one child plus 5 FunPark rides. Choose Pay-Per-Ride Combo options with 5 rides at RM35 or 10 rides at RM65.

(Credit: GL Play)

Don’t miss the Fun Combo packages ranging from RM85 to RM105, offering a mix of 5 FunPark rides and an array of Skyline Luge adventures, coupled with the Skyride experience. 

Exciting Performances and Engaging Activities, Exclusively at SplashMania & FunPark

(Credit: GL Play)

Enjoy dazzling performances at SplashMania such as “Dancing Dreamers, Soaring Dragons”, the energetic “Kung Fun Mania,” and the lively “Splash Squad Ong Ong Lai Lah!”

Take part in unique activities including the auspicious Giant Lou Sang celebration and an exciting rendition of “Dragon and Ladders,” a playful twist on the classic Snake & Ladders game.

Explore and indulge in the festive spirit with exclusive CNY-themed merchandise and delectable F&B choices!

FunPark promises an equally entertaining lineup with performances featuring traditional Lion and Dragon Dances, the melodious tunes of a 4-Piece Chinese Orchestra, and a special yet-to-be-seen spectacle, the mesmerising “Dragon Fairies Dance.”

That’s not all! These GL Play spots will be spruced up with festive vibes and lucky colours to welcome the Year of the Dragon.

(Credit: Akmal Hakim/TRP)

So get ready for an immersive visual treat while you dive into the fun at these fantastic attractions and have lóng lóng fun amid the vibrant decor!

The spirit of reunion always takes centre stage during CNY. With GL Play, you’re guaranteed a new and exciting way to usher in the New Year for a joyous and unforgettable celebration. 

Get your tickets HERE, or visit their official website for more details. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

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