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What If….Season 2 Is A Must-Watch For All Marvel Fans

What If….Season 2 Is A Must-Watch For All Marvel Fans

Season 2 of the series packs a punch and has all the elements that a Marvel fan would be looking for.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) introduced the multiverse to its fans in phase 5. One of the pioneer series that introduced the multiverse to Marvel fans was the What If series, which premiered on the Disney+ platform in 2021.

The series also showed how the stories of our favourites unfolded in different dimensions if the decision that they took were different. 

Recently, season 2 of the series premiered on Disney+ with eight episodes so far.

We caught up with Season 2 and here’s what we think.

The story revolves around one Avenger from the Guardians of the Multiverse, Captain Peggy Carter. Captain Peggy’s character evolves in every episode, just like a fine wine.

Pic Credit: Marvel

Besides that, the writing and screenplay of the series were just perfect. It has everything a Marvel fan would hope for: action, emotions, comedy, and a good flow of the story.

Fans can also see how other characters’ stories, such as Nebula, Happy Hogan, and Peter Quill, would have been in a different universe.

Pic Credit: Marvel

Furthermore, a new and interesting character has been introduced in the series, known as Kahhori. The character was inspired by Kaiienke:Haka citizens from the Mohawk nation who have collaborated with Marvel for the character.

This character adds to the diversity that is already profound in the MCU and also adds more flare to the storyline as the character plays a major role in the final episode.

Pic Credit: Marvel

Other than that, there was also a touch of nostalgia as it was written based on Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in a different universe.

It was nostalgic to see Iron Man in action, even though it was in animation.

Pic Credit: Marvel


Pic Credit: Marvel

Talking about animation, the creators of the animation for the series did a good job, especially for the fight sequences involving Hella, the daughter of Odin, and the God of Death.

That episode, with its action sequences, gave us goosebumps.

Other than that, the hard work that has been poured into the animations can be seen in each episode and in each character.


Pic Credit: Marvel

It was nice to see how the love between Captain Peggy and Steve Rogers never changed, no matter what universe they were in.

Nevertheless, the relationship that Captain Peggy has with the Watcher tells the viewers of a lone hero who is destined to save the multiverse from its dangers.

While Captain Peggy and Steve portrayed the beauty of love, there is one character who portrayed how dangerous it can be: Dr Strange.

Pic Credit: Marvel

Why? Well, you will have to watch and find out!

All in all, the Marvel What if series season 2 packs a punch, and it is a must for all Marvel fans.

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