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Enjoy Unstoppable Connectivity With UNI5G’s Latest Plans

Enjoy Unstoppable Connectivity With UNI5G’s Latest Plans

With UNI5G’s new #Unstoppable plans, you and your squad can work, study, stream and socialize seamlessly without delays or interruptions.

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Do you love being online 24/7? How about talking to your family, friends or that crush of yours from dusk till dawn? Don’t you just hate having slow internet speeds and getting your calls interrupted over terrible signal service?

Well if your answer is YES, then you need to jump right on to the UNI5G broad-bandwagon!

Unifi just unveiled their #Unstoppable UNI5G Family and UNI5G Postpaid plans that let you and your loved ones experience living the 5G life at home or on the go. Whether you’re a solo hustler or a family squad leader, Unifi’s latest #Unstoppable plans got you covered with the best 5G deals in town.

With UNI5G’s new #Unstoppable plans, you and your squad can work, study, stream and socialize seamlessly without delays or interruptions. By subscribing to UNI5G’s #Unstoppable plans, you and the fam are eligible to enjoy unlimited 5G and 4G data, unlimited free calls, free supplementary lines, exclusive rebates, and also to own the latest 5G smartphones for free.

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Plus, did you know that Unifi’s mobile network now extends to encompass 95% of the population nationwide? They also won the award for ‘Malaysia’s Best Mobile Video Experience’ presented by Ookla for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2023! This means that users like you and me can get the maximum benefits of having a wider, faster and more stable connection anytime and anywhere.

#Unstoppable offers for the whole squad

The UNI5G Postpaid Family is the perfect mobile plan for families big and small!

For the monthly price of RM129, the UNI5G Postpaid Family plans offer users unlimited 5G + 4G data, unlimited free calls and an additional Supplementary Line with 30GBs of 5G + 4G data. The plan also throws in a free 5G smartphone allowing you to enjoy the full 5G experience right away.

The UNI5G Postpaid Family plan also comes with the option of adding two or three Supplementary Lines for just RM159 and RM189 each, so you and the whole squad can cruise on the 5G lane on just a single, affordable mobile plan compared to other telcos.

This promotional offer is only available for a limited time starting from 28 November onwards so don’t miss this chance to get you and your loved ones connected with UNI5G.

#Unstoppable connectivity at home & on the go

Want to make sure that your squad stays connected at home and on the go? Well, Unifi is offering new and existing customers who sign up for the UNI5G Postpaid Family Plan together with Unifi’s latest fixed high-speed broadband plans to experience unlimited 5G + 4G data for Principal and all Supplementary lines—allowing the whole squad to seamlessly switch from using WiFi to mobile network without missing a beat! 

#Unstoppable mobile plans

For all you lone rangers out there, Unifi is offering three new UNI5G Postpaid plans catered specifically to fit any budget:

  1. UNI5G Postpaid 99: For only RM99 a month, you can get unlimited 5G + 4G data and a free 5G smartphone. That’s right, a FREE phone! This is the best deal ever, don’t miss it!
  2. UNI5G Postpaid 69: Looking for a fast and smooth 5G experience without breaking the bank? For just RM69 this plan gives you unlimited 5G data and savings on some awesome 5G smartphones to suit your digital lifestyles.
  3. UNI5G Postpaid 39:  A plan that’s perfect for young professionals who want to stay connected and productive, this plan offers 30GB of 5G + 4G data to begin your high-speed connectivity journey for only RM39.

#Unstoppable rebates

And guess what? If you sign up for the UNI5G Postpaid Family, UNI5G Postpaid 99, or UNI5G Postpaid 69, and also get Unifi Broadband 300Mbps plan or higher, you’ll get rebates of RM20 (RM10 on mobile and RM10 on Unifi Broadband) off every month, That’s a sweet deal, right? And the best part is, you’ll keep on getting those sweet savings as long as you stay with Unifi!

#Unstoppable deals

Want to enjoy the best of both worlds? The UNI5G Postpaid plans also offer unlimited 5G + 4G data, a free 5G smartphone phone and Unifi Broadband 100Mbps for only RM149 a month. This offer is only for a short time, so hurry up and grab it before it’s gone!

So what’s stopping you?! Don’t miss this chance to join the 5G revolution with Unifi’s #Unstoppable UNI5G plans. Click here for more details.

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