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The Conjuring Universe Tour Is A Dream Come True For Fans Of Franchise [Review] 

The Conjuring Universe Tour Is A Dream Come True For Fans Of Franchise [Review] 

The tour allows you a first-hand opportunity to relive monumental moments from the movie franchise.

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There are so many things to appreciate about the Conjuring universe. Its movie plots, for instance, are one component of the franchise that has rubbed off on moviegoers for years since its debut in 2013. 

The Conjuring movie universe is indeed the highest horror movie franchise to date, racking up over US$2 billion dollars at the box office worldwide. But apart from the storylines, the scenic designs of the universe are also something to marvel at. 

Well, thanks to Warner Bros, the dream of immersing ourselves physically in the world of The Conjuring is now possible. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

Yup, The Conjuring Universe tour by Warner Bros at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara allows for a first-hand opportunity to relive monumental scenes from the universe. From the Conjuring films to the Annabelle ones, the tour will transport you to the various terrifying sites. 

Since we had the privilege of attending the tour for ourselves, we thought it would be fair to share our thoughts on the interactive tour. 

Back to the farm house 

The tour sure sticks to its promise of honouring its sets. As soon as you walk in, you are thrust into the horror universe. Each of the 20 featured terrifying locations are set replicas inspired by the iconic scenes from the eight films. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

And as a horror fan and an avid follower of the universe, this certainly warmed my heart. The creative props and ambiance fulfilled my wildest dreams of always wanting to experience the horror cosmos first-hand.

In fact, if you share a great love for the Conjuring cosmos, this tour might feel like a love letter. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

Not only are you exposed to the major components, but the little details are also greatly emphasised here. – from Annabelle’s wooden containment cabinet right up to the furniture in the master rooms of the Mullins. 

Breathtaking props 

But even if you are not personally a fan of the franchise, the props and designs alone are enough to convince you to give this trip a try (at least once!). While you may not be familiar with the references, it would still be a thrill as the aesthetics are to die for. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

Be it the collection room of haunted antiques or the ritual space, each room in the tour has something unique and breathtaking to offer. 

The one that stood out to me the most was the recreation of Bee Mullins’ master bedroom. I appreciate how the various items were all carefully selected and placed to reflect the original.

It was also admirable how the lighting was optimised to bring off the spooky ambiance. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

Among all the different locations, Bee Mullins’ room surely had the most to offer. If not for the time restraints, I would have stayed here a lot longer. 

Too fast, too soon 

Although the tour succeeds at staying faithful to its source material, time is not something of its expertise. The progression of the tour, in fact, felt a bit rushed at certain points. Guests were limited to only a couple of minutes to take pictures and record. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

Upon doing so, we were required to quickly proceed to the next spot. This, in return, left no room to steadily appreciate the effort and value behind all the pieces. 

This, in-directly, also affected the chilling prospect of the tour. Since time was not a luxury, some jump scares and creepy surprises fell flat. 

Still a treat

But all in all, the Conjuring Universe tour was a joyful experience. Warner Bros’ efforts beyond doubt were fruitful as the tour experience was a memorable one. 

Image: John Peter Tan/TRP

The experience will stay with you after you leave, especially for fans of the franchise. It indeed will make for a good story during gatherings with family and friends. 

Click here to book your tickets and learn more about the interactive tour! 

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