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Malaysian Claims Fuel Siphoned From Car While In Singapore

Malaysian Claims Fuel Siphoned From Car While In Singapore

The car owner claimed that a few litres of fuel had been stolen from his car.

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Have you ever had an experience of fuel being stolen from your vehicle? Well, many would have watched such an incident in movies or videos, but a Twitter user known as @syahmiAzhari shared his experience of fuel allegedly being stolen from his car during his visit to Singapore.

Yes, as much as you are shocked, netizens who read the post were taken aback as well. The owner of the car stated that a few litres had been stolen from his vehicle.

From the picture he shared it can be seen that his fuel cap has been left open.

Many who read the post also left their comments behind.

Siphoning Fuel

From the picture of the car that was shared by the owner and the condition that the vehicle is in, safe to assume that the process of fuel siphoning was employed by the thief.

Here is how one can siphon fuel from a vehicle.

However, this process should only be used in case of an emergency and not for stealing fuel.

According to an article by Art of Manliness, syphoning starts the flow of water from a higher point to a lower point by producing a vacuum. One would need a hose and a container to perform the process.

First one must remove the vehicle’s fuel cap and insert a portion of the hose into the fuel tank. Then prepare the container where the other end of the hose goes.

Once the equipment is prepared, the next step is to suck on the hose like a straw to draw the fuel from the tank. Once you feel the fuel in your mouth immediately transfer the hose to the container.

Then quickly spit the fuel from your mouth and rinse it with clean water. Never swallow the fuel, not even by mistake!

Then make sure that the container is kept below the fuel tank’s level to keep syphoning. Once you have taken enough fuel, then just remove the hose from the fuel tank.

Below is a tutorial video to show how it’s done.

As mentioned above, this process should only be used in an emergency situation.

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