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Let’s Beat The Heat By Having A Splashtastic Time At SplashMania

Let’s Beat The Heat By Having A Splashtastic Time At SplashMania

SplashMania is the perfect place to beat the heat and enjoy smashing sites, fantastic slides, and have a splashtastic good time.

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Malaysia is on fire 🔥 and not in a cool way!

In some places, temperatures reached a scorching 40°C and the humidity makes us all sweaty and sticky, even indoors.

It’s been so hot lately that the authorities have even considered closing down schools and cautioned the public to stay in the shade, keep hydrated and cool off any way they can.

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The bad news is, it looks like the heat isn’t going to simmer down anytime soon.

Experts predict that the heatwave will likely last till August, and temperatures are expected to exceed 38°C for several consecutive days. Some also suggest that this dry spell we’re under could get even worse later on in the year.

So are we doomed to live out the rest of the year hiding from the sun? Have the fan and air-con turned on at full blast? Take 10 showers a day?! How can we cope with this insane weather and still have some fun?

Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it? Let’s all have a blast at SplashMania! 🌊

(Credit: SplashMania)

Whether you’re looking to chill out with the fam, the squad, your bae or by your awesome lonesome, SplashMania is the perfect place to beat the heat and enjoy smashing sites, fantastic slides, and have a splashtastic good time.

(Credit: SplashMania)

SplashMania is more than just your average waterpark. It’s a rainforest-themed wonderland surrounded by nature and filled with exciting activities for all ages.

The park is home to 24 thrilling water slides and 15 key attractions like the massive wave pool called Omba’King’s Cove, where you can simply float around and relax to the sound of waves hitting the shore.

Want to test your surfing skills? Pay for a ride down the fast and rocky tides at Surf Mania or climb up the tallest waterplay structure in Malaysia: the Treasure Tower!

(Credit: SplashMania)

But if you’re looking for a thrill ride like you’ve never experienced before, you might want to check out the three new thrilling slides SplashMania just unveiled!

Atlantis VR

Take a trip across time and enjoy a virtual journey through the Lost City of Atlantis. The Atlantis VR slide is Malaysia’s first virtual reality waterslide and promises you an experience like no other as you slide through the 250-meter ride on inflatable rafts with VR headsets on.

Atlantis VR gives you an immersive experience where you and your companions feel like being transported to a completely different world full of wonder.

(Credit: SplashMania)


Strap yourselves up to spin and tumble down the Monsta!

It’s a waterslide that’ll send you swirling down these giant bowl-shaped slides before making you take a freefall dive into a splash pool at its end.

This monster of a ride is bound to make your adrenaline rush and your heart skip a beat.


Imagine twirling down a waterfall as you hang on for dear life.

What you get is the Twista slide! Riding this twister will send you whirling down a series of snaking slides at high speeds, and it only gets faster, and faster and faster!

The Twista is perfect for those who want to squeeze out the maximum amount of thrills and spills you can get in Malaysia’s ever-lasting summer!

(Credit: SplashMania)

So why are you still sweating there? Grab your swimsuit and sunscreen, and head on over to Gamuda Cove to have a blast at SplashMania!

Splashmania is now fully open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm daily. But do keep in mind that the waterpark is closed on Tuesdays, except on school breaks and public holidays.

You can purchase your tickets online or at the gate. Online tickets will be priced according to season and demand starting from RM81. Whereas walk-in tickets are fixed at RM95 for kids and RM125 for adults.

As a bonus, admissions will include free, unlimited digital photo passes that let parkgoers download and collect their pictures online. In case you didn’t know, SplashMania uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to capture the faces of people playing in the park.

This allows guests to acquire pictures from the GL Play App, which is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, pick fun digital frame templates for their pics and immediately share em’ on social media.

(Credit: SplashMania)

Don’t miss the chance to beat the heat and have a splashtastic time at SplashMania! Visit GL Play for more info.

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