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Stressed Out? Don’t Hit That Panic Button Just Yet

Stressed Out? Don’t Hit That Panic Button Just Yet

Managing your stress levels might be easier than you think!

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It’s not a surprise that most Malaysians are stressed out. Why shouldn’t we be – with the rising costs of living, weaker currency value and never-ending new strains of viruses threatening our health. 

To top that off, we also go through stress at work and managing personal relationships. It’s not an easy feat for us to juggle each aspect of our lives, with so many factors pushing our buttons.

Don’t hit the panic button!

There are healthy ways for us to manage stress. As simple as it sounds, going outside and getting some fresh air does more good than you might think.

(Credit: lilartsy via Pexels/schantalao via freepik)

We’re constantly surrounded by screens. The urge to ‘stay connected’ has become an unhealthy obsession that it feels uncomfortable to not have our phones with us all the time. 

Taking long walks and just connecting with yourself and your surroundings really helps to clear your head and ground your thoughts. It might feel a lil’ weird at first, if you’re not one to take walks in nature with your phone on DnD. But positive lifestyle changes are always worth getting used to.

(Credit: Annushka Ahuja/cottonbro via Pexels)

Walking or exercising also lowers our body’s cortisol levels, effectively reducing stress. You can find other forms of exercise that you enjoy, such as lifting weights, yoga or dancing.

But, enjoying yourself doesn’t have to be limited to working out. The key to a balanced life is to have everything in moderation. Sometimes, it’s good to indulge in the things that make us happy.

(Credit: Julie’s Biscuits)

It’s scientifically proven that eating your favourite foods increases the happy hormones in your brain. 

Who doesn’t love the feeling of kicking your feet up and watching a good movie while snacking on yummy treats after a long, tiring day?

What’s your perfect snack?

(Credit: Julie’s Biscuits)

Cute as a button this snack comes in 3 different flavours and the best part is – it keeps your hands clean, so no more grubby fingers reaching for the remote! 

Julie’s Buttons are bite-sized, delicious snacks to enjoy while you unwind. Just like the many ways you can choose to keep stress levels at bay, Buttons comes in 3 savoury flavours to choose from:

  • Cheezy Cheddar: ‘Cause who doesn’t love cheese?
  • Mini Veggie: Bonus points for healthy snacks that taste good
  • Hot Curry: Spice up your snack game!

Don’t lose your buttons over the stresses of life. Reach for Buttons, and keep the panic away!

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