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8 Signs You’re A Serious Travel Junkie

8 Signs You’re A Serious Travel Junkie

The freedom of travelling the world can become an addictive obsession!

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People say that once you’ve been bitten by the ‘travel bug’, there is no such thing as a cure. 

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, travelling promises everyone the opportunity to visit interesting places, broaden their horizons, and make amazing memories to last a lifetime.

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But for some people, the freedom of travelling the world can become an addictive obsession that makes ‘em itch non-stop for a fix of adventure!

Here are 8 signs and symptoms that you’ve been infected with the travel bug and are, or are becoming, a serious travel junkie:

1. You always have a story to tell

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Travelling, near and far, has filled your book of life with endless chapters of all the interesting people you’ve met, the delicious things you’ve tried and the amazing places you’ve been to that you never run short of intriguing conversations with others.

2. You’ve never really unpacked

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If you find that your favourite backpack is always sitting unzipped somewhere in the corner of your room and never makes its way into storage, then you, my friend, are a travel junkie for sure! There’s simply no point in keeping your luggage and passport away when you’ll be needing ‘em soon.

3. Your friends ask you for travel advice

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With all the amazing travel stories you’ve shared, your friends and colleagues have designated you as their own personal ‘travel guide’ for advice and suggestions on where, when and what to do during their own trips and holidays.

4. Non-stop photo-dumping after a trip

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A single story on social media is never enough for the travel junkie! Those with a serious case of ‘wanderlust’ will always have tons of pictures and videos to share with their friends and followers and have loads of awesome memories to remind themselves of all the wonderful places they’ve been to, even if they just got home from a recent trip.

5. Already planning for the next trip

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Home isn’t a place for you, it’s a feeling. As a traveller, you’re in the zone when you’re off exploring different places and feel a sense of belonging wherever you go. So you’re constantly on the search for the next destination to welcome you home!

6. Spend all your savings on travel

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Why waste money on a fancy phone or a new outfit when you can book your next tickets for the same price?! Travel junkies tend to be frugal with their spending—only to blow it all later on a trip. After all, eating roti canai every day is a small price to pay when you get to stuff your belly full of exotic meals on your next adventure!

7. Rarely take time off from work

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You keep showing up for work every day, even when you’re feeling under the weather, to save up all your ALs in order to take an extended travel holiday, during which your co-workers will wonder why you suddenly went missing for so long.

8. Always check for cheap flights

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Travel junkies are always on the hunt for lucrative travel deals and never miss out on a chance to book affordable flights that will jet them off to their next getaway, like the ones offered by AirAsia!

This January, AirAsia is offering all you wanderlust travellers out there a chance to scratch that itch and travel across the region

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The promotion also includes AirAsia X flights to Gold Coast, Taipei, Tokyo, Busan, Melbourne, Auckland, New Delhi and other exciting destinations.

The promo takes place from January 9 to January 15, 2023, and you can set your travel date to any promotional destination between February 1 and 27 September 2023, and to Gold Coast between March 31 and 27 September 2023.

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