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We Tried Rollerskating At 1 Utama’s RollerWa And Here’s Our Take

We Tried Rollerskating At 1 Utama’s RollerWa And Here’s Our Take

Skate around and take gorgeous OOTDs at this aesthetic Korean indoor roller skate rink in 1 Utama.

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Have you ever tried rollerskating? If you haven’t, it’s about time that you do!

Recently we had our team-building activity and decided to try rollerskating (CONFIDENTLY – as if everyone can skate gloriously). But well, it’s a fascinating concept and we pretty much liked to try it.

Located on the first floor, RollerWa is in the newest wing (1 Utama E) of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, between the old wing and the not really new, new wing. Here’s a floor plan of the location.

(Credit: 1 Utama Website)

Fun Fact: Did you know that 1 Utama is the largest shopping mall in Malaysia and the 7th largest in the world?

Paying Up

The first thing you do when you arrive is to pay up! They do not accept reservations btw, so only walk-ins are allowed. Additionally, this is also a cashless store, so keep that in mind when you enter!

The entrance of RollerWa.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The entry was RM50 for adults for two hours, including the entrance fee, skating shoes and safety gear. For those who wanna join the fun but don’t wanna skate, you’ll just have to pay an entrance fee of RM12. Don’t worry, we’ll do a total breakdown of the expenses in a bit.

They have around three touchscreen self-ordering machines at the entrance (a staff will help you) and you can pay for your tickets there. After that, you’ll get your blue wristband and you’re in!

A little cafe where you can buy food and also rent your locker.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

You’ll need a space for your stuff so we recommend renting a locker which only cost a deposit of RM10. You’ll get your money back provided that you don’t lose the key.

Big lockers (left) and small lockers (right).
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Getting Ready

It’s time to put on those skates! At the skate counter, you’ll just need to inform them of your shoe size and they’ll find the right one for you. The sizes are available from UK C10 / Euro 28 to UK 11 / Euro 45. Make sure that your shoes are tight around the ankles, and have no space in front of your toes or behind your heels so the roller skates won’t move when you skate. Wear it as snug as a bug!

This is the lounge area where you put on your shoes or simply chill.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Bear in mind that you’ll need socks to wear the shoes. If you didn’t bring any, you can buy their cute and colourful one-sized socks for RM5.

Besides that, don’t forget to wear your safety gears (unless you’re a real pro and you’re confident you won’t fall) near the skate counter. They have elbow pads, knee pads (so important!) and a helmet. Wear the safety gears first, then your skates.

Let’s Start Skating

Rule of thumb, if you’re a beginner, bring someone who can skate so they can help you skate. If not, you’ll have trouble to even get up from your skates.

They have railings and benches on the sides of this space. It’s mainly a small space but definitely aesthetic.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The skating rink is not that big but it’s wide enough for beginners. You can go around in cirlces and you can also skate in the middle of the circle.

The hallway with the disco balls (left). The hallway with the hanging lights (right).
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

They also have like a hallways with disco balls (it’s a mirror hallway!) and hanging lights that’ll lead you to a more insta-worthy space. They have cute and aestehthic backgrounds such as the angel wing background, the photobooth space with mirrors, and many more background with neon writings on the walls.

These shoes have brakes in front of them so if you think you’re going to fast, just tilt you skate in front a bit and you’ll stop (hopefully). If you feel like you need a skating aid (they’re like a walker with wheels), you can rent them for RM20 per hour. But they’re only available on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

Cute and appealing backgrounds.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Falling down is inevitable if you’re a novice skater. You just gotta embrace the fall and hope you’ll fall as gracefully as you can (us typing while still having aches, bumps and bruises all over our body).

Sadly, we have no advanced skating tips for you (we barely know how to skate ourselves). But if you fall flat on your back or any other way for that matter, they’ll have friendly staff in the rink on the lookout to help you up again.


  • Bring someone who’s a bit more experineced so they can help you skate (for beginners)
  • Do not put your phone at your back pocket (we hate to see you phone crack when you fall on your bum)
  • Wear the safety gears! (you’ll be falling on your knees a lot so at least, they’re padded)
  • Wear appropriate clothing (you’ll be sweating a lot so at least wear clothes that’ll still make you look cute while sweating!)
  • Come during the weekdays (you’ll have to queue a long line for weekends)
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Expenses Breakdown:

Entrance Fee (RM12) + Rental Fee (can be RM38/RM28/RM68/RM58) = Price


RM12 – Non-skater
RM40 – Children (under 18) for 2 hours / RM70 for 1 day
RM50 – Adults for 2 hours / RM80 for 1 day

For those who have their own skates, they get a RM3 discount!

RM5 – Socks (if you didn’t bring any socks)
RM20 – Skating aid for beginners per hour (only from 10 am – 5 pm, on weekdays)

RM10 – Deposit for both big or small locker (You’ll get your money back if you don’t lose the key)

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

All in all, we love this place. This is a great place to bond with your workmates, play with your friends and family or go on a date to. However, just a fair warning, you’ll fall down a lot; humiliatingly, so if you wanna control macho or control ayu, good luck with that.

Have fun!

RollerWa @ 1 Utama

Address: Level 1, 1UE, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (District K), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operation Hours: 10 am – 10.00 pm (Strech until 10.30 pm on Friday and Saturday)

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