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7 Things To Do In This Rainy Weather So Your Weekend Isn’t Wasted

7 Things To Do In This Rainy Weather So Your Weekend Isn’t Wasted

Being indoors in a rainy weather isn’t all doom and gloom.

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Most of us are usually ready to rock the city when weekends roll around. Unfortunately, this rainy weather has caused heavy floods in some areas, and some of us are stuck at home.

If your plans got cancelled due to the rainy weather, here are some things you can do so your weekend doesn’t feel wasted.

Make a mood playlist


Rainy weather just turns up the moody mode up a notch.

Channel that energy by making and curating a moody playlist on the music streaming app of your choice.

The next time the rainy weather comes up, you have a playlist or two at the ready.

Binge-watch your favourite shows

There are plenty of new shows that have debuted the new seasons.

However, sometimes the best shows are shows we’ve watched over and over again because they give a sense of comfort.

Revisit some of your old, favourite shows to ride out the rainy, gloomy weather. Maybe watching a show set in a sunnier place can help lift the mood a little.

Have a mini spa day


It’s also the perfect time to wind down and rest properly. Take it further by making the whole day a mini spa day for yourself.

Run yourself a bath, use the facial mask you’ve been meaning to use but didn’t have the time for and just rest and relax.

Enjoy a hot cup of drink

Making a good cup of hot drink for yourself sounds like bliss in this wet weather.

Since you’re not in a rush to go anywhere, take the time to take in the lovely aroma of the tea or coffee and enjoy the present.

Master the TikTok dance

Alright, all this rest and relaxation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

For those who need to stay active, maybe it’s time to master a Tiktok dance or two aside from hitting the gym.

Learning a new TikTok dance is fun, even if you don’t actually post it up for the world to see.

Hold a game tournament

Playing games has always been an enjoyable way to pass the time. You can hold a video game tournament with the family at home, play with online friends or revisit the games you’ve put aside for a while.

Just continue sleeping

The hustle culture glorifies overworking and doesn’t encourage the importance of rest. It’s not a surprise to see how the practice has caused so many people to burn out.

Take this time to rest. Let your mind and body take the break it really need this weekend if you can.

Rest is also a productive thing to do.

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