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Moving House? This Moving Service Disassembles And Assembles Your Stuff Too

Moving House? This Moving Service Disassembles And Assembles Your Stuff Too

Lalamove’s latest moving services are aimed to help you move without the hassle of moving.

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For many people who wanted to move houses this year, plans were faced with delays and uncertainties as the country battled the pandemic.

However, now that the economy and state borders have opened up again, these plans are swiftly back in action. Now, in their excitement, new tenants and homeowners face another hurdle of moving to a new place: the actual moving part itself.

Anyone who has moved houses can tell you how troublesome it is. It’s time-consuming and requires lots of prior planning, sorting, packing, and organising. It requires hiring movers and hoping they don’t damage your goods in the process.

And a lot of packing. So many boxes to carry!
(Credit: Envato)

However, Lalamove’s new moving solutions are aimed at helping ease your worries about moving with customizable services nationwide.

Disassembly & assembly

Yeah, you read it right. This moving service also helps you disassemble and re-assemble your furniture!

This means that instead of struggling to get it done by yourself, just have your Lalamove delivery people help with the heavy lifting and hard work.

Yeah, chairs are clunky to move, but if you break it down to all its pieces, it’s a piece of cake.
(Credit: Lalamove)

All you need to do is sit back while the professionals pack up your home, furniture and all included, and unpack everything just the way you like it.

Fast same-day booking

More and more driver of large vehicles such as 4×4, vans and lorries have joined as Lalamove delivery partners. Hence, if you want to book a lorry for house moving, you no longer need to run around finding the best quotations and planning weeks in advance.

Lalamove can instantly match your order with their lorry fleet. In fact, you could even get a lorry to help you move out within the same day!

Transparent pricing system, no hidden costs

The worst thing is if you’ve booked a lorry without a prior agreed-upon price because charges differ based on what you’re moving. Suddenly, on the day of, you get charged an extra RM100 because the movers need to move a fridge, or if they show up with a bigger vehicle.

Luckily, you can rest assured that Lalamove’s prices are fully transparent with no hidden costs. The prices are charged fairly by delivery distance and the type of delivery vehicle.

The app tells you everything you need to know upfront.
(Credit: Lalamove)

You can see the total price from their app immediately before confirming an order, and what you see is what you pay. No surprise fees on the app!

Even if you’re not sure if you will be able to make the appropriate dates for moving, just go ahead and book the vehicles in advance anyway, since there’s no need for an advance deposit. However, if you want to cancel the booking, be sure to do so before the driver heads over to your pick-up location or you might need to pay a penalty fee.

Wide range of vehicles

The lorry need to pack up a 3-storey house is very going to be very different from a tiny studio apartment, which is why Lalamove has a wide range of vehicles to choose from and order instantly.

Whether you need a car, a 4 x 4 pickup truck, 7-ft or 9-ft vans, or even 10-ft to 17-ft lorries, they have all the right sizes for the things you need to move.

Car, van, truck, lorry. You name it, they got it.
(Credit: Lalamove)

The prices and holding capacity are clearly indicated on the app! They even have suggestions of what size of vehicle you should order depending on the stuff you have.

Interstate? No worries

Lalamove is currently operating in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Besides offering on-demand deliveries within these areas, customers can also book for long distance or interstate delivery services through the app!

This means that you can now easily move your home anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia from Klang Valley, Penang and Johor through Lalamove.

The Lalamove vans will get your stuff where it needs to be.
(Credit: Lalamove)

In fact, many businesses are also leveraging Lalamove’s long haul delivery fleet to support their interbranch logistics systems, shipping their products easily from Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor to the whole of Peninsular Malaysia.

Real-Time GPS tracking so your stuff won’t get lost

Through the Lalamove app, customers can also track the real-time location of their goods and driver at any time through the GPS tracking system.

This greatly improves the safety of the goods during the deliveries, and gives customers a peace of mind, because you always know where they are.

On the move, fast!
(Credit: TRP)

Additionally, you won’t need to sit around and waste time wondering when your driver would come. Simply check where they are on the map, which will also allow you to prepare everything before they arrive for the smoothest move.

In this digital age, many services have begun to digitalise, including house moving services that have become easier and more convenient now with Lalamove! With just a few taps on your phone, Lalamove’s delivery vehicles are at your call to move your things quickly and instantly.

To experience the fast and convenient house moving services by Lalamove, just download the Lalamove app now!

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