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Woman Demands Delivery Uncle To Pay RM113 For Damaging Cake, Deletes Tweet After Backlash

Woman Demands Delivery Uncle To Pay RM113 For Damaging Cake, Deletes Tweet After Backlash

The uncle said he only has RM60 and his salary is not much.

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What are the things to avoid in posting on social media?

Public shaming is never justified when we think we are morally right and do no wrong.

Even when people make mistakes, shaming them on the internet will not improve the world.

It could also backfire horribly, as what happened to a female baker.

She demanded RM113 compensation from an elderly delivery man when the cake was damaged while on delivery.

The woman berated and shamed the uncle in a Twitter posting, which had since been deleted but not before netizens kept a record.

The woman then received severe criticism from netizens for being rude and racist.

They added that what happened was also her mistake, while some transferred RM3 into her account as a protest.

They were aghast that she insisted on the balance of RM3 after the uncle had banked in RM110.

What made netizens even more upset was that the food delivery man was old and had to find a cash deposit machine to complete a money transfer transaction.

Because of that, many people ask this woman to reveal her phone number and information about the ‘uncle’ because they want to give her back the money.

Some pointed out that her claim for a refund is baseless as it does not meet Lalamove’s terms and conditions.

Expletives, Namecalling And Threats 

In a later tweet, the woman denied the netizen’s claim that she used a motorcycle service.

She insisted that she paid for a car service to deliver the cake.

The woman also apologized for her mistake of being impolite and uncivilized towards the ‘uncle’ who sent the cake.

Meanwhile, the issue also spread to other social media platforms, where many netizens are angry with the rude attitude of the baker.

Some of them called on people to boycott the baker’s business.

Being morally right is not enough.

We must be able to convey that morally.

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