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DAP MP Steven Sim Spends RM7.5k From Own Pocket To Buy Motorbike For Delivery Rider

DAP MP Steven Sim Spends RM7.5k From Own Pocket To Buy Motorbike For Delivery Rider

With election looming, Steven Sim said the money for the motorbike could be his last pay as MP.

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Does it pay to be kind to strangers?

Most people might have the intention of being a little kinder, yet we feel that we cannot muster up willpower. 

Former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister and Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim were in tears after buying a motorcycle for a disabled delivery rider named Mohamad Muadz Jaafar.

Muadz had been in dire straits after his motorcycle – an old Honda EX5, which was his rice bowl – was stolen.

When asked to meet at a motorcycle shop by Sim, Muadz thought he was being scammed but decided to meet anyway as he had nothing to lose.

Struggles And Hardships Will Always Be A Part Of Being Human

Muadz told his life story when met by Sim at the motorcycle shop.

Mohamad Muadz injured his right left after an accident and has to rely on crutches to move around.

He continued to work as a Lalamove rider to support his wife and children.

His burden includes personal debts and an outstanding electricity bill of almost RM1,000, with TNB about to cut the supply.

He also has to cough up RM1,000 to pay his 6-year-old child’s kindergarten fee arrears.

What Could Go Wrong?

Sim noted that the money for the new Honda Wave 125i motorcycle – registered under Mohamad Muadz’s name – was from his savings. 

The reason is that the case happens in Kuala Lumpur and not in his parliamentary area, so he can’t use his MP’s allocation.

Sim was in Kuala Lumpur to run his errands, including meeting Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

Sim had previously heard about Mohamad Muadz’s plight after it went viral on social media.

Being a father, he felt for the rider and decided to purchase a new motorcycle for him anyway.

Sim also offered to settle his debts, so he could continue his efforts to care for his family.

He also thanked Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah Anwar for contributing RM1,000 to pay off the kindergarten fee debt.

At the same time, Sim also posted the details of Mohamad Muadz’s bank account so that the public could assist him directly.

Skepticism Of ‘Good Deeds’

Generous people are happier and healthier, yet acts of kindness are often met with suspicion and scorn.

But some people can be so uncharitable to those doing good deeds and accuse Sim of putting on a show to gain popularity.

In any case, it’s not the first time Sim had been accused, as he had also helped others in the past.

Thankfully, discerning netizens stepped up to clear the air and rebuked those who slandered Sim.

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