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All Your Friends Are Getting Married? Here’s The Top 10 Practical Wedding Gifts For Their New Home Together

All Your Friends Are Getting Married? Here’s The Top 10 Practical Wedding Gifts For Their New Home Together

Weddings gifts to fit your favorite wedding couple.

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Have you noticed how many of your friends are married since the first Movement Control Order? A LOT!

With many weddings around the corner, of course, you would want your beloved newlywed friends or family to have a good gift to ease their journey to marriage.

Here are some suggestions on what you should get them for their wedding!

1. Blender / Juicer

What’s a kitchen without a blender huh?

Get them a set with multiple jugs and mills together so that they can blend separate ingredients with separate jugs.

You don’t want to be using your chili and onion jug to also blend your fruits. Ick.

Credit: @ajay_suresh @nenadstojkovic / Flickr

Even better, if they already have a blender, spice things up with a healthier option, a juicer!

Basically, it’s quite a subtle way to tell your friends to cut down those unhealthy sugar and replace them with better and fresher sugar from fruits.

They’ll be thanking you in the long run!

Starting Price: RM100

2. Air Fryer

It’s a trend to have these nowadays. You are bound to see one in a household.

This is not just another fad that comes and goes like your waffle maker (be honest, when was the last time you used this if you have one?) but something that might actually be worth the investment.

Credit: @Aaron Yoo / Flickr

An air fryer is like a perfect combination of a frying pan, a microwave, and even an oven. Fry, reheat, and bake all in one device!

Plus, it’s smaller in size compared to a big microwave or oven, which is why it’s perfect for starting couples.

Starting Price: RM150

3. Coffee Machine

Now, this is for those coffee lovers!

If your friend is an avid coffee drinker, surprise them and their partner with a coffee machine.

You can get them automatic coffee machines like the coffee drip ones you see in American movies or the kind that uses pre-prepared coffee capsules.

Credit: @aaronpaxson / Flickr

Alternatively, you can get a more advanced espresso machine with portafilter and steam wand attachments for serious coffee lovers. It may cost a little more, but there are definitely affordable ones out there!

Who knows, next time when you stop by their house, they’ll serve you coffee with latte arts.

Starting Price: RM200

4. Cordless Vacuum / Robot Vacuum

In this new era of technology, cleaning appliances must also be modern right?

A cordless vacuum is one of the most brilliant inventions ever as you can use those for many types of cleaning.

Not just the floor, the carpet, or the nook and crannies, you can also vacuum other surfaces such as your wall, your spiderwebs on the ceiling, and your furniture!

Credit: @MacroVerchProfessionalPhotographer @AaronYoo / Flickr

Well, for those who don’t mind a worthy budget, get a robot vacuum for your wedded pair. Wanna know something awesome? They can mop too! My oh my.

They’ll be thankful to you for the rest of their lives!

Starting Price: RM200/RM500

5. Iron Steamer / Garment Steamer

Why get your friends a normal dry iron when you can get them a steamer iron!

An iron steamer is basically just dry iron but with a steam option. The steam helps in removing the stubborn wrinkles faster on sturdy fabrics such as denim or wool.

It can also do a crisp crease for trousers, blazers, and fabric pleats.

Credit: Freepik

A garment steamer, on the other hand, doesn’t need an ironing board and can deal with delicate fabric such as silk, satin, cashmere, and beaded material.

They often come in a standing form where you can hang your cloth on a rack and steam, steam away.

Starting Price: RM300

6. Standing Fan

Okay even if your fav couple already has air conditioning in their house, they would still need a fan.

Why? Well, they might need extra air circulation in spaces like the kitchen, outdoor in their front porch, the storeroom, basement, attic, wine cellar?

Honestly, who knows, they might need it in spaces where’s there are no ceiling fans or air conditioning.

Credit: @LeonidMamchenkov / Flickr

So get them one. A standing fan can be easier to move and has an adjustable height compared to a table fan as you need a surface to put it onto.

Starting Price: RM100

7. Luggage

If your wedded couple loves to travel, this could be the best gift you can give.

Luggages may look too big for certain people, but trust us, once they have one, they won’t use any other type of bag for travel.

Credit: Freepik

It’s easy, spacious, fashionable, has 360-degree rollers, and comes in different sizes! You can choose the smallest for those who like to travel light.

Hey, they’ll be thanking you for their honeymoon trips with your luggage gift.

Starting Price: RM150

8. Tupperware / Tiffin Carriers

With the rise of the eco-friendly movement, more and more people are looking for quality and aesthetic alternatives such as a set of Tupperware or Tiffin Carriers.

Just imagine, your happy couple going to work with your lunch box, they’ll definitely remember you every time they bring their lunchboxes, that’s for sure.

Credit: @asgw / Flickr, Annas Series /

Whole sets of Tupperwares may be a bit pricey but you can get the most decent ones like a set of 4 pieces at a reasonable price.

Tiffin carriers, on the other hand, are just so cute and trendy these days. They usually come in three tiers. You can search for custom-made tiffin designs with the personalized names of your fav couple.

Starting Price: RM80/RM60

9. Comforter Set

When a couple gets married, of course, they sleep on the same bed. Hence, bed sheets and comforters are always a safe option.

However, it’s best to ask your soon-to-be-married pair what size their bed is so you can get the perfect fit. (Though as a general rule, it’s better to err on the side of caution and go a size bigger.)

Credit: Freepik

Since this is always a safe option, your couple might have a lot of these as gifts. But hey, that means they can always change their sheets regularly, right? Cleaner sheets equal better sleep.

Starting Price: RM150

10. Voucher / Gift Card

Now if you’re one of those guys who don’t really want a hassle in shopping, let them do the shopping themselves. And they’d appreciate it too, we’re sure.

You’ll be sparing them the nuisance of returning the products or reselling them again. This way, they can pick their own products with their own liking.

You can get these vouchers and gift cards from Malaysia’s favorite brands, including fashion retail shops, electronic stores, fast food outlets, and more.

Starting Price: RM20/RM50

If any of these are too pricey, you can always get a group of friends close to the wedded couple and share the cost.

These are basic household items and to get these in their new house, they’ll surely be thankful.

Tip: A lot of online e-commerce sites are having sales right now, so grab these once hefty prices of products at a bargain at your online shopping platform. Just make sure they’re from the mall section, just so you know the buyer is trustworthy.

PS. You can consider having these items delivered straight to their new home so that they won’t need to carry the big items around after their wedding!

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