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This Durian Variant Is Sneaking Its Way Into The Hearts Of Durian Fans

This Durian Variant Is Sneaking Its Way Into The Hearts Of Durian Fans

One of the lesser known but among the tastiest durian.

Fernando Fong

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Forget about the Musang King, D24, Black Thorn, Red Prawn and the lot which are supposedly the top among all durian varieties.

The Durian Hijau Beserah, or D145, from the Beserah seaside village in Kuantan, Pahang, is a little-known but worthy contender to the throne.

D145 is a high-quality durian and is touted as tastier than its more illustrious siblings by some durian fans.

Accordingly, it is sought after by the wealthy (including royalties and politicians) and ordinary people.

Fans of the D145 are said to make reservations in advance to ensure they get to enjoy its deliciousness.

D145 is also on the radar of durian enthusiasts abroad, especially in Singapore.

The market price of this durian is estimated at around RM30 to RM35 per kilogram.

As the name suggests, the freshest Durian Beserah can only be found in Beserah.

Durian Beserah aka D145. (Credit: Department of Agriculture)

Fruit Characteristics

The fruit has a relatively moderate length and diameter of 15 cm – 19 cm. It typically weighs about 1.6 kg, is round in shape, and has flat shoulders and ends.

The flesh of D145 has a yellowish color and will amaze the sight and tastebud of every durian fan.

Durian Beserah gives a rich or creamy taste. The texture of the flesh is not sticky and is very smooth.

Durian Beserah also does not emit a strong odor, and it is effortless to peel. Often, the flesh-to-seed ratio is bigger which means D145 is ideal for those that prefer durian with more flesh.

D145 has a significant flesh-to-seed ratio. (Credit: Department of Agriculture)

It Doesn’t Have A Marketing Team

According to Duriotourism, Durian Hijau Beserah or Durian Tuan Mek Hijau was registered by Khidzir Engku Ali from Beserah on 30 October 1981.

Not much else is known about Khidzir, other than he was supposedly a former village chief of Beserah.

Meanwhile, durian expert Lim Chin Khee said D145 has never been famous due to the overwhelming popularity of other varieties.

Lim, who provides consultation to farmers on durian farm design and management to increase yield and productivity, opines that each variety has its own strength which appeals to certain people.

When it comes to eating durians, each variety has its own unique taste.

Durian expert Lim Chin Khee.

And so, the next time you ask the question on what variety to get, wonder no more especially if you are on vacation in Pahang.

Who knows, you might discover a new palatable flavor to your tastebud, which is always a good thing. 

The durian season for D145 usually starts in July.

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