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Should We Consider A Water Feature For The Home, And How Do We Achieve A Desired One?

Should We Consider A Water Feature For The Home, And How Do We Achieve A Desired One?

Transforming your living environment with a soothing water feature to bring a little more Zen vibe to your home.

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We all know that water is the most important substance to all life forms, but did you know that it has also grown to become a positive element that resembles circulation, wisdom, purity, luck, wealth, and other symbolic meanings? 

Despite the evolution of human cultures, this belief can be seen deeply rooted in certain cultures with the knowledge that incorporating a water feature as part of the design of our home allows positive energy to flow seamlessly into the household.

Symbolic meanings aside, incorporating a water feature into our homes has become increasingly popular over the years thanks to the many benefits it gives.

One of the many plus points of having a water feature especially in our year-round tropical climate is that the water feature acts as a natural and energy-efficient cooling system to our living space.

Be it indoor or outdoor, the area where the water feature is placed will allow for a natural, cooling feeling to sweep by when we are around that particular quarter.

A water feature in the house not only brings a soothing and peaceful ambiance to the living space, but it also helps to release negativity from our day-to-day life.

While we are being confined at home due to MCO, we cannot deny that coop up 24/7 can have its negative moments, especially when we’re trying to adjust to working from home and concentrating despite all the distractions.

Because of these distractions, it is vital to foster a tranquil environment or a relaxing space that will help us to calm our minds during the stay-at-home practice.

Adding a water feature in the house is a wise choice, as research has shown that there are certain sounds that will release a soothing effect to the environment, and one of those is (of course) the gentle sound of soft trickling water to block out unwanted noises that may distract us from our routines.

Although many would desire to have a water feature to change the vibe of their current living space, most people may flinch at the idea as it is the general assumption that water features are usually associated with outdoor spaces or require spacious land to build one.

On the contrary, it is possible to incorporate water features indoors or in a smaller living area such as condominiums to bring that peaceful nature aura to the home. With careful planning and wise selection of the type of water features, you can enjoy the many benefits of a water feature without spending a fortune!

Not only as a decorative element, water features bring positive vibes to the living environment.

1. Identify that ‘perfect’ spot

The first and most important aspect to consider when installing a water feature is to determine a suitable location in the home, as the selection of the size, style and material of the water feature will depend on the chosen location.

Identify an unused space in your home, whether it is a corner of your backyard, under the stairs, or on a table to spice up your living ambiance without affecting your daily routine.

Additionally, as electricity is needed to keep clean water flowing, make sure to find a location that is safe and easily accessible to an electrical source so that you will not need to run an extension cord all over your house!

The available space in the house determines the type of water feature to be installed.

2. Choose the water feature that fits your interior design and usage

After identifying the spot for your water feature, comes the exciting part: choosing your preferred water feature! There are a variety of fixtures offered in the market that you can choose from according to the available space and your usage.

Some of the water features that can be set up at home include wall fountain, water wall, floor fountain and tabletop fountain. For example, you may consider replacing your wall décor with a wall-mounted fountain as it will not occupy the functional space.

Other than as a decorative fixture, water features such as a water wall can be utilised as a room divider to keep the spaces separated in a unique and artistic way.

For those who are opting for a smaller water feature that does not require much effort to set up and maintain, a tabletop fountain is the perfect go-to as it can be installed easily and is more affordable compared to other varieties of water features.

A wall-mounted fountain is an ideal choice for houses that do not have extra space on ground.

3. Consider the suitable material for your water feature

Just as it is important to choose the right materials that will fit the vibe of your interior design, selecting the materials to suit the composition of your house is also vital to ensure safety and minimise the frequency of maintenance in the future.

Water features are usually made of heavy materials such as porcelain, rocks, marble, fiberglass, ceramic, metal and others. Hence, it is important to choose materials that are suitable for the design of your home to ensure everyone’s safety in the household.

It is advisable to consult a water feature specialist or service provider to evaluate the safety level of the spot that you have chosen to install the fixture. Even if you are opting for a tabletop fountain, make sure the table is sturdy enough to hold the weight.

A small tabletop water feature will be ideal for those who have limited space but still looking to enhance the ambiance of their home.

4. Keep the water flowing and maintain the cleanliness of the water environment

Many are hesitant to build a water feature at home as it requires time to clean and maintain the water environment, especially for those who would like to rear fishes in the feature as the fish feed and the waste produced will create odour to the surrounding environment.

To keep the water flowing continuously at ease, all you need is a pump with appropriate efficacy to release a beautiful and soft cascade of water as well as avoid unwanted splashes that will cause damage to the floor and nearby furniture.

Mr Koo Zao Cheong, Regional Business Development Manager of Waterco said that installing a water feature does not need to be a complicated and expensive procedure if all the right equipment were installed correctly in the beginning.

“The reason why some people have an issue with their water feature after a certain period of time may be due to several reasons, one of them – the most common one – is that the equipment installed may not be right for the usage of the water feature.

“For example, selecting the size of the pump can determine whether you want your water feature to have a cascading waterfall, or that it will send water splashing all over the place instead, costing up a huge amount of water wastage,” opined Mr Koo.

“Anything that has to do with water and electricity has to be handled with care. As such if proper research was done right, there is no reason why anyone is unable to have a seamless smooth-flowing water feature wherever they reside.”

In order to ensure a nice water flow and minimize the scheduled cleaning time, selecting a high-quality and energy-efficient pump such as those from Waterco (leading one-stop solutions provider of safe and healthy water environment company) will not only help to maintain a healthy water environment at ease, but will also reduce the electricity cost of running the pump all day.

It is important to choose efficient pump and water filtration systems to maintain a lively environment for your fishes.

Regardless of the size of your home, it is not as hard as you imagine to incorporate a water feature into your home as long as you understand your living space and need.

Whether you are opting for a large-scale fountain in your garden or DIY a tabletop water feature at the corner of your living room, start planning to bring a natural and soothing atmosphere for yourself and your family.

This article and pictures were provided by Waterco Malaysia.

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