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This Powerful Picture Sums The Plight Frontliners Are Facing During The Pandemic

This Powerful Picture Sums The Plight Frontliners Are Facing During The Pandemic

Dr. Tasha took to Social Media in a worrying viral post about delivering a baby to a Covid-19 positive mother.

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Mum groups and the like were all up in a roar recently in a very distressing post shared by Dr Tasha Karan, a paediatric doctor with the Ministry of Health (KKM) in Melaka, on 25 May (Tuesday).

Her Facebook post, which has since been shared over 21,000 times, explains her trials and tribulations after delivering a baby via c-section to a patient who disregarded SOPs and contracted Covid-19.

A picture says 1,000 words

But a powerful picture, like the one Dr Tasha Karan first posted on her Facebook, says more than a thousand words could.

Photo taken of Dr Tasha at 4am while waiting to deliver a baby
(Credit: Tash Karan / Facebook)

Prepping an emergency C-section is no easy task

It takes the equivalent number of people on a football team to run the operating theatre and ensure the procedure runs smoothly. A minimum of 10-15 doctors and staff are needed, from personnel in anesthetics, obstetrics, to a pediatric team as well.

Do take into account that emergency means it could happen any time in the day, and in Dr Tasha’s case, at 4 am.  Imagine how you’d feel if you’ve been up since 8 am the day before – as was the case for our protagonist.

Delivering a baby for a ‘probable Covid-19 patient’ is a different ballgame

The delivery experience for a Covid positive patient is an even daunting duty.

Not only will the baby be isolated upon delivery, but he/she will have to undergo a series of tests and swabs an hour after being born. If the baby tests positive, there’s the possible harm brought to the child, but also the number of resources that will be used – all because of a mother’s failure to follow SOP.

Many people fail to realise that even if the baby is well and had tested negative, the fact the baby has to be isolated and can’t be held by mom right after birth is saddening

– Dr. Tasha Karan to TRP

Did the baby test positive for Covid-19?

Due to patient confidentiality, not many details could be revealed but overzealous mums (like this writer) can rest assured that the baby is in stable condition.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr. / Pexels

“Zero Consideration Was Given, Zero Awareness Was Present”

The patient in question chose to travel and visit during the Hari Raya period despite knowing her relatives were unwell. She also chose to not wear masks and social distance.

And that’s not all! The patient was not feeling well after her bout of visits but still had relatives and friends come over after.

At this point, it’s extremely tiring and demotivating. It is tiring when you feel you have to fight this battle alone and some ‘people’ (rakyat) are least bothered to think & play their role in this.

Dr. Tasha Karan on her Facebook post 25 May 2021

Let’s do our part to flatten the curve

At the time of her posting, Malaysia had hit the highest number of cases and the reason was because some people have no awareness and consideration.

We can’t do this alone, we will fail if you don’t do your part. To everyone reading this, I beg you – Please do your part.

Dr. Tasha Karan on her Facebook post 25 May 2021

Dr. Tasha hopes her post will spread more awareness and consideration to not only the frontliners, but for the unborn who do not have a voice yet.

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