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How Much Are You Paying For Each Electrical Appliance In Your Home? Find Out With TNB’s Home Energy Calculator

How Much Are You Paying For Each Electrical Appliance In Your Home? Find Out With TNB’s Home Energy Calculator

The feature is free for use on TNB’s official site

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Malaysian homeowners can now find out how much their electrical appliances would cost on their monthly electricity bill with Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s (TNB) nifty-new Home Energy Calculator (HEC) made available for free on its official website.

The HEC allows you to calculate and self-audit your home’s estimated energy consumption based on the type of house you live in and the electrical appliances you use.

The new feature also allows you to calculate how much you pay for using each appliance, compare different appliances’ power usage to one another and get tips on how to better manage your electricity usage to save cash.

So how does it work?

To access the HEC, visit TNB’s official webpage, HERE, or simply log on to There will be three separate features available for your use;


Energy Usage Calculator

This calculator allows you to figure out the estimated monthly energy consumption of your home based on the type of property you own – from single storey terraces to high-rise apartments and even a humble wooden kampung house.

Simply select the home you live in from the options provided, and add the number of rooms that are available in the property.


From there, you are given the option to add the different types of appliances that you are using in each room.

After completing that process, you will be given the option to further customize the number of hours the appliance is used in a day, the number of days the appliance stays on per-month and even the number of watts the appliance uses.


Information on how many watts your appliance uses can be found on either the appliance itself or usually stated in its user manuals.


If you do not have those details on hand, a simple Google search would do the trick, or you can just leave the section as is, as the calculator already provides a rough estimate of how many watts the appliance uses.

The feature will automatically calculate the total monthly electricity usage in your home and provide you with statistics on information about which section of your house and what appliances use up the most amount of power.

Appliance Calculator

This calculator allows you to identify how much power each of your appliances consume or compare new appliances to be purchased.

Select the “Single Appliance Calculator” to calculate your appliances electricity consumption based on the current domestic customer tariffs.

Simply input the number of hours you use the appliance in a day, the number of days you use it in a month and the amount of wattage it consumes to receive an estimate of how much energy the device uses in a single day and how much you’re paying to use it.


The “compare appliances” function allows you to differentiate similar electrical appliances from one another to determine the “total cost of ownership” of the device in question.

The total cost of ownership is calculated by adding the purchased price of the product with the costs of its operation over an annual period.

Essentially, the item with a lower total cost of ownership will be of better value in the long run and save you money.


Energy Saving Tips

This function does exactly what it says and provides you with quick and simple tips on how to save energy at home.

Available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, this section is chock-full of easy to understand graphics and directions for you to, as we first mentioned, better manage your energy usage or even tips to upgrade to a better energy-saving appliance.


On a side note, here’s to hoping that the HEC feature will be made available on TNB’s mobile app too. Share your thoughts with us on TRP’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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