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The Pekan, The Square & The Heart Of The Community

The Pekan, The Square & The Heart Of The Community

Squares are the ideal public space where community and culture comes alive.

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Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, life in Malaysia’s countryside tends to feel a little slower and more mellowed down. Here among the many kampungs – and often remote villages – life would center around small towns or what we locals know to call, “pekan”.

A pekan is the economic and social capital of a community. It is here where you find people tending to their business and activities or enjoying leisure time with loved ones.

Heart Of The Community

The centrepiece of any authentic Malaysian pekan lies with its vibrant public or town square – an open space where the community can congregate and socialize.

Although “squares” in Malaysia can take on many shapes and names, it remains to be THE place for people to find some alone time out in the open as well as interact with other people at events, activities, performances or even public demonstrations and protests.

Public events held at Dataran Merdeka and Dataran Putrajaya.
(Facebook/dbkl2u/ putrajaya)

Squares also serve as an important backdrop to many of our historic moments like Padang Kota Lama in Penang, where the British first set foot on the island, and Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, where the nation celebrated its independence.

Malaysia celebrates its historic independence with crowds gathered at the then-named Selangor Club Padang.

Throughout the world, famous squares such as the elegant “Piazza Delle Erbe” in Italy or the glistening New York Times Square also do well to reflect the very identity of the community which inhabits it, aside from being popular tourist destinations.

The bustling scenes from some of the world’s famous squares.

A Square Personality

Functioning as a public forum, squares need to be easily accessible, accommodating and attractive for people to visit, besides comfortable and entertaining enough for the community to spend their time – day and night – whether it’s enjoying a quiet afternoon alone, having a casual night out with friends, or taking the family for an activity-filled day.

Friends and family enjoy a day together out at the square.
(Harian Metro)

Complementary to the square-scene are a host of places for people to grab a bite to eat and do some shopping. Aside from cafes, restaurants and shops, squares also provide a marketplace for the community to engage in trade to show off its local craftsmanship and culture.

Flea markets are a regular feature at public squares.

Heart Of Cove – The Pulse Of Excitement

As Malaysia pushes towards rapid urbanization, small community centres such as the humble pekan square are often sidelined in favor of more profitable developments.

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With the community in mind, places such as Gamuda Cove in Southern Klang Valley encompasses the characteristics of a bona fide Malaysian pekan within a vibrant city not far from the thriving metropolis.

The Majestic Fountain – Townsquare’s soothing water fountain and other green-and-serene landscape features make for a perfect backdrop to your leisurely day.

Tucked between the Kuala Langat Forest Reserve and Paya Indah Wetlands, this green township is set to become the pulsating heart of the greater Klang Valley area. At its core lies the “Heart Of Cove” where the community and commerce intertwine as any humble pekan would.

Located at the center of Malaysia’s most livable city, Heart of Cove is a commercial hotspot crafted to complete the community experience.

In this 60-acre leisure and entertainment park stands a myriad of attractions and ever so comforting spaces to keep the community well engaged and enriched with endless possibilities – from browsing at one of the country’s premier Destination Mall to enjoying a splashing good time at Asia’s largest upcoming rainforest-themed water park.

The Street – Enjoy some shade on a relaxing stroll, or peddle down The Street surrounded by your favorite coffee shops and stores.

Heart of Cove also features a bright and colourful Townsquare where the community can enjoy a fabulous day in the sun or a sightly night under the stars.

Surrounded by serene landscapes and a gorgeous plaza, Townsquare has a little something for everyone from quiet calm spaces for peaceful morning bike rides, alfresco cafes for that afternoon meeting, restaurants to impress that date, and a wide variety of shops and street vendors to survey and spend money away.

Bond Avenue – The perfect spot for some quiet and calm reflection, or a sweet-and-simple outdoor date for two.

Envisioned as a place where knowledge, commerce and cultures collide, Heart of Cove and its pulsing Townsquare provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to be a part of a lively community which embodies the pekan spirit in a vibrant city.

So if you’re missing out on that vivacious pekan life, there’s one just a stone’s throw away to make that dream come true.

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