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Japanese Man Picks Up Over 4,000 Cigarette Butts Littered In Putrajaya

Japanese Man Picks Up Over 4,000 Cigarette Butts Littered In Putrajaya

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A Japanese man shared on Twitter how he recently picked up 4,500 cigarette butts at Ayer@8 in Putrajaya during a volunteer clean-up programme earlier this year.

Posting a picture of the cigarettes, the man known as @NanaCyber2 lamented on how there were so many cigarette butts littered throughout the area.

So many cigarette butts littered everywhere.

@NanaCyber2 via Twitter

In a follow-up tweet written in Malay, @NanaCyber2 explained that he picked up the cigarette butts during a one and a half hours volunteer clean-up session with environmentalist group Trash Hero Putrajaya several months ago. 

Based on his Twitter bio, @NanaCyber2 currently lives in Cyberjaya, enjoys volunteering for various charity initiatives and is learning the Malay language.

Replies to @NanaCyber2’s tweet had one user pointing out how we should not only be embarrassed by Japanese nationals picking up our trash, but instead be embarrassed when anyone has to pick up our trash.

We’re so embarrassed towards outsiders. But imagine if it was an Indonesian, a Bangladeshi, or even another Malaysian who picked up the trash. Would we still feel embarrassed? No matter who picks up the trash, we should still feel embarrassed.

@siddiq11gratte via Twitter

Meanwhile, another Twitter user said that Malaysians still have a long way to go when it comes to being mindful of disposing of their litter properly.

I think the problem is that people think it’s okay to litter since their rubbish will be picked up by cleaners anyway. We need to instil the mindset of ‘I have to throw away my own rubbish’ from a young age.

@deiahdayahdaiah via Twitter

It appears that this isn’t @NanaCyber2’s first clean-up volunteer work. In another Twitter thread, @NanaCyber2 shared pictures of plastic bottles he picked up with another group of volunteers in February near Gem In Mall in Cyberjaya.

On February 29 before the movement control order, I did a clean-up near the Gem In Mall with volunteers from Trash Hero Putrajaya. We picked up 202 kilogrammes of rubbish including bottles, cigarette butts, and more.

@NanaCyber2 via Twitter

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