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7 Things ALL Malaysians Love About Deepavali

7 Things ALL Malaysians Love About Deepavali

Tasneem Nazari

Due to the large population of Indians across the globe, Deepavali is an official holiday in many parts of the world, including Mauritius, Trinidad, Fiji, Singapore, and Malaysia!

Essentially, Diwali, or Deepavali, is the festival of light destroying darkness when good triumphs evil. And every Indian home will prepare for the festivities by practising the ancient traditions and long-established customs.

As a country proud of its diversity, non-Indian Malaysians often celebrate the day together with their close Indian friends.

We’ve compiled a list of things Deepavali that all Malaysians look forward to every time the festival comes around.

1. The public holiday

Even if you don’t have any close Indian friends, or get invited to celebrate the festivities with them, all Malaysians can confirm that they look forward to having a day off from work!

2. Free Indian Food

What’s not to love? Firstly, it’s free, secondly, it’s food and thirdly, it’s Indian food!

There’s a long list of dishes we look forward to, but the main ones will always be Murruku, Mutton Curry and sweet Laddu!

3. Making a Kolam

Trust us, we get super excited whenever we’re allowed to help our Indian friends make the Kolam in front of their house. All those colours!

4. Watching fireworks and playing with firecrackers

Only the legal ones. Obviously…

5. Dressing up for the open houses

As non-Indians, we don’t usually have an excuse to wear traditional Indian attire like the saree and the kurta/jippa any other time.

6. Watching Indian movies

Shah Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth, Chandramukhi, need we say more?

7. Getting tipsy on expensive whiskey!

Deepavali is really the only time you can get buzzed on your friend’s dad’s expensive liquor without being judged.

Are there any other things about Deepavali that you love? Tell us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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