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(Review) Watching a horror flick at One Utama’s 270⁰ screen; Screen X. The whole movie experience

(Review) Watching a horror flick at One Utama’s 270⁰ screen; Screen X. The whole movie experience

Over last weekend, TRP decided to entertain ourselves with Screen X’s 270 degrees movie experience that just started premiering in One Utama’s Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).

Guess what movie we chose for maximum movie madness?


Yes, you guessed that right:

Annabelle Comes Home.

(Pic Credit: Screen X)
(Pic Credit: TRP)

As you enter the theatre, everything seems pretty normal.

So, you make yourselves comfortable on plush seats as advertisements play only on the main center screen.

Cinema hall from the back
(Pic Credit: Facebook)
Cinema hall from the front
(Pic Credit: Facebook)

Then, suddenly, you are transported in between a standstill accident, fly through a cosmic of planets and get caught by a huge red robot, just to preview the power of the 270⁰ screen.

It shows how converting the peripheral walls into screens can make a HUGE difference to our film experience.

Unlike the IMAX or 3D cinemas, you needn’t move an inch or wear cumbersome glasses to become consumed by the movie.

What’s even better is, not all screens are played at once. 

Instead, the screens by your side only come to life when the viewer needs to be ‘transported’ into another realm of surrealness.

(Pic Credit: Screen X)

Watching a horror movie deemed suitable only for those 13 years old and above surely gets 10 times more intense.

To the point that you feel like pushing yourself away in your seat ’cause you don’t wanna get swallowed into the screen.

Especially when you can’t predict where the ghosts will pop out from.

And if you have the habit of looking next to you to avert your eyes from terror, think again.

The haunting encroaches your peripheries.

It is safe to say we did not regret RE-watching Annabelle.

We recommend the middle seats right at the back for the greatest cinematic experience.

However, the movie experience will not be reduced even if you sit up front, as everyone in the cinema will shuffle and turn to fully soak up the panoramic view anyway.

Especially when the walls are dripping with terror.

(Pic Credit: quickmeme)

Screen X by GSC is definitely worth checking out. 

Tickets are priced at RM14 for a limited time only.

Tickets will revert back to the regular price of RM29 after September 4.

Currently, they are only showing re-runs of 5 selected movies.

Movie Schedule
(Screenshot via GSC)

You can get your tickets via:
-GSC ticketing counter
-GSC website
-GSC mobile app
-GSC e-Kiosk

So what are you waiting for? Go and mesmerize yourselves in this incredible cinematic experience.

(Screenshot via GSC)

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