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Want To Buy A Property Outside Of The City? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Want To Buy A Property Outside Of The City? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Let’s be real, no-one can afford to buy a house in KL city anymore, especially not if you’re salaried.

Sure, maybe you can buy a tiny old flat in Pudu, but a nice bungalow near KLCC? Dream on lah.

Owning one of those luxury condo units is simply just a fantasy.

So what options do we have? Lemme tell you: suburbia. The answer to all your questions.

That being said, the Hollywood “white picket-fence” depiction of suburbs don’t really apply to Malaysia. The majority of Klang Valley is actually made up of suburbs. In fact, top happening places such as Bangsar, SS15, and PJ all started as suburbs.

1) Affordability

PRO: Bang for your buck

Many of the new residential developments in suburbs boasts newer architecture and amenities. You can easily get your own freehold landed property for significantly less than a leasehold condo unit in the heart of KL!

Not only that, these houses are an investment for your future generations as well: a home that is meant to take care of your family for decades to come.

A house built to last.
(Credit: Sime Darby Property)

Plus, well-planned suburbs maintain a lot of nature and greenery to keep your residence cool and relaxing. Serenia Arina, for example, has ample green spaces and uses smart architecture to maximize natural sunlight and cross-breezes.

CON: Big upfront investment

You will need to have a substantial amount of savings to even afford the down payment, regardless of whether your house loan is approved.

Buying property needs to be a priority in your financial planning. It’s definitely not an impulsive purchase! You need to take your time and determine what kind of house best suits your lifestyle.

2) Quiet

PRO: Good for relaxing

When was the last time you woke up to the gentle chirping of birds like a Disney princess? Unless you have a “bird chirping” alarm ringtone, it’s probably never.

Well, you can certainly relax to nature as the houses in suburbs like Serenia Arina (more on this later) are built with wide frontage to maximize natural light and wind to make your house super cool and bright.

Plus, you get almost six acres of lake right in your own neighbourhood!

Imagine this stunning view, every day!
(Credit: Sime Darby Property)

CON: Less happening

Of course, the city is where the nightlife is. Not to worry though, because plenty of suburbs and the surrounding area have places to lepak at night if you want to!

Serenia Arina has a 30% green boulevard for its residents to relax in. It’s often smaller and quieter, but you get to enjoy yourself without as much crowds.

3) Lots of space

PRO: Good for new families

Most landed properties in the suburbs come with an amazing amount of space, and Serenia Arina is no different.

In addition to a huge backyard for you (or your kids, or pets!) to run around in, there are also beautifully designed parks to spend a lovely afternoon in.

It’s great for new families, but more importantly it is also perfect to fulfill your childhood dream of living with your best friends.

Did you want to star in your own Desperate Housewives TV series? We got you covered.
(Credit: Sime Darby Property)

CON: Big space = lots of upkeep

With great property comes great responsibility. In a landed property, there’s no management committee to oversee the maintenance of the house. You are the management.

There’s more to take care of, such as sweeping your own front porch, fixing those leaky pipes, or keeping your driveway clean.

But it would be so worth it to have a house that looks like this! (Credit: Sime Darby Property)

4) Geographic Location

PRO: Travel time for the essentials

There are less choices, but the essentials are always nearby your house. Hospitals, schools, grocery stores, shopping malls- even an airport!

The awesome thing is that there’s usually no traffic to these places, which makes travel a breeze. No need to waste your life stuck in traffic jams!

CON: Far from city

The key thing is to be strategically close to your workplace. There are plenty of companies and job opportunities outside of the city now, so depending on where you work, this may not even be a problem.

Sure, many will find suburban addresses far and dread a long commute. However, with new highways plus the expansion of MRT and LRT lines, commuting would become less of a hassle- even into the city.

Serenia City, for example, is connected via the ELITE highway, the Putrajaya-Cyberjaya Expressway, and the PLUS highway. They are also conveniently located close to the ERL station so you can reach the city center in just half an hour!

5) Future value

PRO: Increasing value

In suburbs, there is more land for future developments, which will bring up the value of properties all around it- including your new home!

Housing prices are always expected to rise, especially when it’s beautifully maintained with lots of greenery and parks.
(Credit: Sime Darby Property)

As land gets taken up by other developments, there will rarely be another chance for low-density housing with plenty of spacious parks and greenery, so a well-establish housing area like Serenia Arina will surely be a great investment for the future.

CON: Future developments

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’re pretty sure the earliest people there had to deal with constant construction.

You may need to have patience as new businesses, train stations, or even schools are built in a new suburb. New residential areas may also mean renovations that could be noisy and inconvenient.

But you will certainly get to reap the benefits of brand new developments and laugh all the way to the bank as your property value increases!

If you’re a new homeowner and looking to settle down in a nice house, you’re in luck!

Sime Darby Property’s new Serenia City homes might be the perfect home for you! The Serenia Arina freehold 2-storey link homes are meant to meet all your housing needs.

(Credit: Sime Darby Property)

Located in Sepang, a district that’s fast growing in value – it’s the best location for those who work or travel frequently to KLIA, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Puchong.

Check it out here to be on your way to a landed property in a peaceful, green neighbourhood!

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