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M’sian girl tries to sell a car, gets hit on instead

M’sian girl tries to sell a car, gets hit on instead

Anne Dorall

Cosplayer Joey Sheon recently shed light on how trying to sell high-value items second hand led to plenty of headaches.

In a Facebook post, she recounted her experience trying to sell her Chevrolet Aveo for just RM5,500 on Facebook Marketplace. Due to the low price, she quickly received many offers to purchase the car.


One potential buyer, A, requested Joey to reserve the car for him, claiming to be a “serious buyer”.

After that, he came up with excuses to not pay his deposit. He also continuously asked to meet up with her “for yum cha”.

Picture credit: Joey Sheon

When Joey finally told A that she would be releasing the reservation on the car, he came clean and told her he didn’t even have the money for the deposit.

Even after that confession, he still insisted on meeting up so he could “make it up to her”.


I’m just trying to sell my car. All the trolls [make it] hard to sell the car.

Joey Sheon

She mentioned that she wanted to try selling the car herself to save on agent fees.

Netizens came together to share the same experience as well.

Picture credit: Facebook

On the bright side, she has since found a serious buyer and is looking to close the deal by the end of the week.

Joey urges everyone to be careful, especially with online buyers, when dealing with high value items such as cars and houses.


Never publicise your full name and keep a neutral profile picture on online marketplace platforms.

See her full post below:

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