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Bad acne? Here’s how to get dermatological treatment at govt clinics for RM5

Bad acne? Here’s how to get dermatological treatment at govt clinics for RM5

Tasneem Nazari

Acne is a common skin condition. Most people will have some form of acne at some point in their lives. 

With the abundance of over-the-counter acne treatment products available today, it’s easy to forget that acne is not just a cosmetic issue but instead, an actual medical condition that very often should be treated by a physician.

The only problem is…having it treated by a professional would likely cost a bomb…right?

Well, apparently not.


Recently, Twitter user @Naahatta shared that she pays just RM5 for dermatological treatment.

Yes, RM5 including medication.

She shared that she simply goes for dermatological consultation at government health clinics. She pays RM5 for consultation and the medication provided is free.


Here’s her thread explaining how exactly you can go about this.

Firstly, head to a government health clinic close to you. When you arrive, tell the clerk you’d like to see the doctor for acne treatment (masalah kulit).

Explain your skin problems to the doctor and discuss a treatment plan. Then, follow the treatment plan and take all those meds prescribed to you religiously.


If your acne problems persist after six months of medication, go back to the doctor and they’ll likely write a referral letter for you to see a skin specialist at a government hospital.

Tip: You can’t see a specialist at a government hospital without getting the referral letter from the clinic first.


Tip: When visiting the health clinic for the first time, don’t tell them your acne is caused by an allergy if you’re not sure what the actual cause is. Give the doctor as much information as you can and let them decide the cause of your acne.

@Naahatta also posted some proof that acne dealt professionally returns excellent results!

Look at that skin! And for just RM5 per session, you guys!


Twitterjaya obviously had some extra questions. Here’s some feedback from other Twitter users who have tried consultation and medication from government clinics for their acne.

“We’ll need a referral letter to see a dermatologist right? We can’t walk in for that? And to get a referral letter we must first go to a health clinic? But people often get stuck at the health clinic. They won’t usually refer you to a specialist. That’s why people go for private clinics and hospitals.”

“Yes. true! :)”

“Then go to a private clinic, and ask for a referral to a specialist at a government hospital. You can do that.”

“From my experience, You have two options. Either private or government clinic. If you go to private clinic for a referral letter to the govt hospital, you’ll need to pay RM30 for consultation. But if you get a referral letter from a govt clinic, you’ll only need to pay RM5.”

“Yes. But if the health clinic doctor doesnt want to give you a referral letter than you’ll have to go to a private clinic to get it.”


“I’ve been to a health clinic too. But I only had to pay RM1. They gave me antibiotics, together with acne soap. After I finished my antibiotics, I went back to the clinic for my next check up and the doctor decided whether my treatment needed to be continued or stopped.”

“Health clinics only cost RM1 for consultation. If you see a dermatologist then you pay RM5. Whether or not you’ll need to see a dermatologist depends on whether or not the antibiotic treatment is working for your skin.”

Seems easy enough, right? Now get yourself to the health clinic and we wish you crystal clear skin in no time!

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